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Seeing through the Veil

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Okay, new day, and first of all: DR? D'oh! The character´s edited to make room for the skills. Like I said, i was a wee bit tired, as it was five in the morning . . . :rolleyes:


Everybody, thanks for the kind words. Keep ´em coming! :D


I´m obsessing about not being able to use tabs in the post. What should one do?


As for the spirit magic items, that´s something that I´ve thought about, and I like the idea of small, low-powered amulets and talismans. Such as a necklace that gives you a die or two of Luck, or a point or two of rPD . . . Best of all, they would be" made" by the spirit itself, so the mage don´t have to spend points of his own . . . :D


BTW, I´m officially changing the description to low-medium magic. :) Thanks for the input, fellas!

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Well, as promised, here´s the sample spirit:


Ohsankayô, Fire Spirit


Value Char Cost Roll Notes


8 STR -2 11- Lift 75 kg; HTH Attack: 1 1/2d6 [2]

14 DEX 12 12- OCV: 5/DCV: 5

13 CON 6 12-

10 BODY 0 11-

13 INT 3 12- PER Roll: 12-

17 EGO 14 12- ECV: 6

18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack: 3 1/2d6

14 COM 2 12-


2 PD 0

4 ED 1

3 SPD 6 Phases: 4, 8, 12

5 REC 0

26 END 0

21 STUN 0


Total Characteristic Cost: 50


Movement: Running 6"/12", Swimming 0"/0", Leaping 0.6"/1.3"/2.5"


Cost Power


1 Fire Leap: Extra Leaping 1"

67 Force of the Flame: 50-point VPP; 75 APts; Only Fire/Spirit Powers (-1/2)

22 Inner Eye: Transdimensional (The Inner World; +1/2) on Sight and Hearing (45 APts)


Cost Skill


0 Language: Old Imperial (Native)

1 Language: High Tongue (Comletely Fluent w/ Accent)

1 Language: Common (Fluent Conversation)


3 High Society 13-


5 All My Burning Brothers: Contacts 13- (Significant Own Contacts)


Total Powers & Skills Cost: 100


Total Character Cost: 150


100+ Disadvantages


15 Spirit Code: PsychLim (Common, Strong)

15 Fickleness: PsychLim (Common, Strong)

20 Fire Spirit: Distinctive Features (Non-Concealable, Major Reaction)


Background/History:This spirit, who calls himself Ohsankayô, war born several hundred years ago in a fire that destroyed two houses in Deep Cove north of the river. Since then he has mostly spent his time in the Spirit Realm, but occasionally he has been called upon to perform by various Spirit Masters.


Personality/Motivations: Likes to have his fun! Goes with his impulses, likes respect, can be rather overbearing and snobbish. Obeys the Spirit Code to the letter, but is not above bending the rules a little -- just for a laugh, you see.


Powers/Tactics: If Ohsankayô has to fight, he prefers to use Transdimensional Powers from the Between, such as a TD EGO Attack or a naked TD on his STR. He rarely uses weapons, but if he finds himself in the Inner Realm, he will use a burning sword (a HKA without any Focus limitations).


To his VP Powers belong his Extradimensional Movements, which can take him from the Spirit Realm to the Between virtually effortlessly, and further into our world. This is very tiring, though, since it costs END to mainain.


Quote:"Oh, yes, by all means -- if you wish to be a bore . . ."


Appearance: Like all his fiery brothers (which are all nearly undistinguishable from eachother), Ohsankayô is lean and thin, with a long, narrow, but rather handsome face. His hair is a bright, fiery yellow wich dances over his head, and his eyes are a smoldering orange, lacking pupils. He dresses very finely and very gaudily, in what appears to be fashion from the height of the Empire, cut from cloth-of-gold, adorned with opals.

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Cool fire spirit!


Wait, no....


Smokin' fire spirit!


So the spirits aren't like elementals, but actually human-looking spirits (with some distinctive features)? After reading your description of the Adept and the one spirit, you've piqued my curiosity about the rest of your campaign world. What other types of spirits are there?

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Originally posted by Dust Raven

What other types of spirits are there?


Oh, there are all kinds of strange beings . . . Including spirits of place, elements, craft/occupations, families . . . Up to the Seven All-Compassing, the very fabric of the world. Of these I´ve already mentioned Gnome, the Foundation, Lord of the Living Rock. His wife is nameless, so far, but she cares for all living things on land. There is Firmament, Lord of Stars, Lord of Fates, and his wife, Breath, Ruler of Wind, the Crying One. There is Deep, Lord of the Abyss, the Champion, and his wife, Breaker, Mistress of Waves, the Fickle One. And then there is Trickster, the Warming One, The Scorcher, the Untrusted One.


Then there are spirits of human origin: The Undead. These can be both non-corporeal (the basic ghost with some nasty surprises added . . . :D) and physical; these last ones are mostly murder victims, deprived of an honest cremation.


And don´t forget the Outsiders, the Putrid Ones, the Rotters . . . the Demons.

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I don't know if this has been mentioneed yet, but there's an answer in the FAQ that addresses the original question:


Question: Clairsentience allows for the ability to perceive

into other dimensions. Could a character apply a similar

modifier to other Enhanced Senses?

Answer: At the GM’s discretion, yes. A Dimensional Sense

Modifier would allow a character to perceive into a single

other dimension with one Sense for +5 Character Points, or

with one Sense Group for +10 Character Points. To increase

the number of dimensions the character can perceive into (one

at a time) costs an additional +5 Character Points for a related

group of dimensions, or +10 Character Points for all


Alternately, the GM could allow the character to apply

the Transdimensional Advantage to his regular Sense Groups

(or to any Enhanced Sense purchased); see 5E 103 for costs

of the default Sense Groups.

For a list of possible dimensions to perceive into, see

5E 111.

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Okay, I think I´ve figured out how to do magic items.


The magic in the item comes, naturally, from a spirit; more specifically from it´s VPP. The magic power should be persistent and be of no more than a third of the AP limit of the Pool (although this may be a subject for negotiations). The making of the item should, as always, be negotiated, and the spirit has control over the power.


An important feature is that the spirit can keep track of it´s item, and if it is ever stolen or sold (or if it is used in "dishonorable" acts), the spirit will be most grievously offended and will withdraw the power. Note that it is okay to give the item as a gift, or for it to be inherited, just as long as it is not traded for profit; the spirits are sticklers for their personal honor . . .


Sample: Talisman of the Smiling Star: 2d6 Luck, Transdimensional (Inner World; +1/2), Usable By Others (+1/4); 17 APts; IIF Fragile (-1/2); 11 Rpts.


This ten inches long, red cord of linen thread is meant to be worn in a man´s ponytail or weaved into a woman´s plait. It is blessed by a Spirit of Chance named Ohsenkethiér for the Spirit Adept Blote. It was given to Blote´s lover Thelea to help keep her safe. It´s not really that much, but Blote reasons that every little helps . . .


Sample II: The Family Sword of the Kestrels: 1d6+1 HKA, Reduced Endurance (O END, +1/2); 30 APts; OAF (-1), STR Min (11; -1/2), 1 1/2 Hands (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4); 10 RPts plus +2 OCV, Transdimensional (Inner World; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Usable By Others (+1/4); 22 APts; OAF (-1), 1 1/2 Hands (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4); 9 RPts plus +3 DEX, Transdimensional (Inner World; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2), Usable By Others (+1/4); 20 APts; Only to Act First in a Phase (-1); OAF (-1), 1 1/2 Hands (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4); 6 RPts. Total 25 RPts.


This longsword is a magnificent weapon, the pride and joy of an ancient family with a strong military tradition. The Ancestral Spirit of the clan has empowered the blade to be swift to wield, and to strike as quick as a viper. It is now worn by the heir to the familie´s Patriarch, the officer and Duelist Rhenna, one of the most reputable warrion women in the Principality.


So, that´s it. Thoughts? Questions? General opinionating?

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