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The Electric Mayhem wins because they have Animal. All the cast of Josie and the Pussycats cannot stand against Animal.   Magic Mayhem !   Baron Mordo vs Dr Doom

((OFF TOPIC))  This is an aluminum foil recipe. Serves one. Make multiple separate packets if you are serving more than one.   Chicken part (I'm a white meat guy, so it was usually a breast) 1/

The walls of Constantinople are impressive.  Hadrian's Wall couldn't stop my nine-year-old.     Wall of Fire vs. Wall of Iron

N rays. An honest mistake corrected by scientific methodology. Millions of people weren't murdered or sterilized i the name of n rays unlike eugenics.


God creating himself to sacrifice to himself to let people get into heaven vs all humanity being damned to eternal fire and agony for one woman falling for a fast talking serpent.


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