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Games I'm Running at Gen Con 2017

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Hi Folks:


I am running 5 Hero System games at Gen Con this August:
SuperSquad America -- It’s been 20 years since the modern version of SuperSquad America took to the streets. And over that time, they’ve faced many enemies and had to make many tough decisions. Now, as America’s premier superhero team works to integrate two new team members, they come face-to-face with a dangerous new threat that could change the team and the world forever. Modern day superhero drama and adventure. Role-playing emphasized. (4 hours; Saturday at Noon)
SuperSquad America: The Originals -- New York City, August 1970. America’s first superhero team faces a potential new foe. Who are the Power Patriots? What do they want? And what is their shocking secret? 1970s Silver Age superhero adventure. Role-playing emphasized. (4 hours; Friday at 5:00 PM)

Remarkable Wrong-Righters -- They may want to make superheroing fun again. They may have their headquarters in a Malibu beach house. But that doesn’t mean that the Remarkable Wrong-Righters can’t tackle serious threats. But is the Pussy Cat Wizard of Pasadena a serious threat? Light-hearted modern superhero adventure. Role-playing emphasized. (4 hours; Thursday at 5:00 PM)

Friends of Justice -- At the 1936 World Series, Dr. Abraham “Doc” Justice and his friends saved President Franklin Delano Roosevelt from a monster summoned by the Nazis. In appreciation, the president has invited them to the social event of the season: the wedding of FDR Jr. It should prove to be a fun day. After all what could possibly go wrong? 1930s pulp adventure. Role-playing emphasized. (4 hours; Sunday at 8:00 AM)

Saga of the Smiling Fox --Fifteen years ago, Duke Duvel murdered the royal family of Eyratha and seized the throne. Since then, he has ruled with an iron first. Today, the mysterious swashbuckling Smiling Fox and his band of adventurers dedicate themselves to overthrowing Duvel and restoring rightful rule. Can our heroes find a way to counter the corrupting influence of the powerful Eye of Denmit? And if they do, can they use it to strike a powerful blow against the evil Duke. Fantasy adventure. Role-playing emphasized. (4 hours; Friday at 8:00 AM)

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My events were sold out -- however, it appears that someone has returned a ticket to Remarkable Wrong-Righters on Thursday at 5:00 PM.  It is available through the Gen Con registration system.


Also, I will have an additional character available for each of my games so at least one slot will be available to generics.

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