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Hero Designer - Latest Version?

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What is the latest version of hero designer?  

I have a very old version (HDv3 Build 2007020606) but I don't know when the software has last been updated.  The Application Update link on my old Hero Designer software just goes to a dead webpage.


The store page doesn't offer much. Is there any significant difference between the currently offered version and the old one I have? Is printing still a pain? 


Thanks for your help!


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A few relatively minor tweaks and adjustments. If you have purchased a copy, update -- if the tweaks affect you (in the very rare and rather contrived constructs that they apply to), you'll see them.

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Is there a change log file?  


If nothing else, let me say that the recompile seems to have sped up loading and some functions such as the battle charting with multiple characters.  It does seem to be on and off again with mapped drives, but that could be something on my end.  Did you do anything to take advantage of any of the newer features for JAVA to speed things up?

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