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Best Defense Spread

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Some point back, I was reading a thread here; can't recall the title, if I could, I wouldn't be asking this question. IIRC, the topic had something to do with which Defenses people preferred; specifically, Damage Negation, Damage Reduction, and Resistant Protection. At some point, someone (I keep thinking it was Tasha, but I could be wrong) gave a really well-thought-out breakdown of where each one best stood out.


The final conclusion was that, while each had their good points, the best was a (roughly equal) mix of all three. Now, since I "know" that, I could stop here. Thing is, I'd really like to reread that thread, and also copy'n'paste the info for my own records. Does anyone else recall this, and would you please point me towards it?


Thank you, HEROdom Assembled.

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Sounds like an interesting thread.


Damage Negation hurts my head.


I'm fond of what I call 50/50/50:  I pick a defense number that I want (say 30) and buy 15 rD, 15nD, and then 50% normal Damage Reduction.  If I do it right then I'm taking a little damage every hit with a solid backup for 'what do you mean Lord Soth's fireball does 20d6?' occasional super attack.  So versus an average DC 12 hit of 42 I'd be taking 6 but if there was a great roll (60) I'm happy taking 15.

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On 5/24/2017 at 6:05 AM, Deadman said:

Replying so late it's damn near necromancy....


Yes, this was exactly what I was looking for. <sigh> There was a time where I was looking at the forums and Killer Shrike's site at about the same rate; that is my only defense for not realizing it was on his site and not here.

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