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HD Character Pack Updates?

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I posted this awhile back in the Hero Designer forum and didn't get an answer, but it's not really a Dan question so I figured I'd try again here.


Do the HD Character Packs ever get updated as errors/omissions are found and pointed out? And if so, how do we know about them and how do we download the new versions?


The specific example I just noticed is that a number of weapons in the Equipment Guide CP have the STR Minimum entered as a custom/text modifier, rather than using the actual STR Minimum modifier, and therefore are calculating damage incorrectly.* (Mainly the Axes, Maces, & Picks.) But there have been many other CPs that I've found errors in and had to correct myself. I'm betting we (collectively) could identify the ones with errors pretty quickly, and I'd even be happy to help in crowd-sourcing fixing them; but I didn't know if there was already a mechanism for doing so?


* Edit: and I really can't believe it took me so long to catch this!

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