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Purchased Packages, getting errors on a few

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Alright, so I'm just now dabbling in HERO for the most part. Purchased HD, Combat Manager, and the HD files for both 6E1 and BR (started thumbing through BR first, then bought the whole package). However, when I load certain files, I get some errors stating that certain things aren't legal modifiers.


I've looked at the Preferences, and I don't know if they were designed this way or if something is broken or toggled that shouldn't be. Any suggestions?

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Glad you joined us.  I am the developer for Combat Manager.  I am not the developer for HD but I might be able to help.


You will need to be much more specific in describing your issue.


What was the specific file you tried to load?

What was the specific error(s) for that file?

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If you're getting errors about Modifiers not being allowed on certain abilities/configurations, the affected items will be highlighted in red -- look them over to determine what was done incorrectly.


If there are items in any of the book packages with invalid Modifiers, you're likely either looking at an error in the creation of the item in question (by whomever did the data entry) or a rule that has changed since the package was put together.

Alternately, you may be seeing an error in HD's rules implementation (rare, but it happens) -- if you suspect this to be the case, you'll need to post the info that bluesguy requested so that I can look into it.

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