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Looking for an Online Group

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I have a great deal of experience with Champions, and have played a number of characters across the spectrum. I haven't played in a number of years since moving, and am hoping to join an online group because that would negate travel issues and such. I have a webcam and a headset, so communication would not be an issue. I'm more than happy to talk with the GM beforehand about what characters are already in the group and what might be needed.


I'm on Pacific Time and would have the easiest time getting together Tuesdays after 5 or Sundays up until 9, but other times are not out of the question if I know ahead of time.

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Maybe we should all help in the world building with a possible eye toward rotating GMs. if the game lasts that long. Then there may be a possibility that everyone can play at some point. My first question would be what types of criminal organizations exist? I think it is always good to have at least one bad guy group on your tail or whom you are looking to bring down, or both.


Second, real city (New York) or fictitious city (Hudson City)?


Finally, should we try to balance the group by archetypes?


I have no specific character type in mind at the moment.


Should we move this to another thread?

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Well, what sort of setting would everyone be interested in?


Did anyone already have a character idea? need help doing character creation?


 I'm inspired both by anime and original ideas. So either something bleach-like (weapon that has multiple forms)


Or the Zodiac Ninja (transforms into animal or costumed of 1 of 12 animals of the zodiac). Not sure about the bonuses or if it is just going to be cosmetic yet... was thinking of making 2 tables/pools of powers (4&3) and finding a way to combine them so when randomly rolled I'd get one of the animals. Although with the third way with the elemental aspect of it, might have a 3rd table/pool...



I'll look over the house rules, looks good and informative.


As for setting...  4-color comic-book hero type (powers) or scifi (technology/equipment) would both be fine. Not sure, I could adapt or make a character once a theme/setting is decided on. Actually One Punch Man idea/theme would work too...

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Well, what sort of setting would everyone be interested in?


For character creation, I'd recommend something like the balancing rules found here


Did anyone already have a character idea? need help doing character creation?


I prefer either a Golden Age or Silver/Bronze Age setting. I can do other settings, but these are the ones I prefer.

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Hmm, think I would prefer something like 'counter-revolutionary bronze age" or whatever you'd call stuff like Astro city and the 'first' Spider Man and Iron Man movies. Bronze age with some attention of social awareness, but without the baroque serial killer vibes that tended to infest late bronze age and iron age stuff.

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I am not looking to get involved but the desires for genre are important. I struggled with this in one of my groups. What worked was coming up with a multiverse, the same heroes with slightly different versions to adapt to the different worlds. That way the heroes were consistent but all the GMs got to run the kind of games that inspired them


Might not work for you guys but thought I would offer it up as you were coalescing your group.




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And here's my two proposed characters:





                          value                                                       active cost
STR                         10 (up to 25 w/ cyberware, addl +15 available 'not for lifting')   0
DEX                         13 (up to 18 w/ cyberware, up to 28 w/ lightning reflexes)         6
CON                         13 (up to 23 w/ cyberware)                                         3
INT                         18 (up to 28 w/ cyberware)                                         8
EGO                         23                                                                13
PRE                         20                                                                10

OCV                          5 (up to 7 w/ cyberware)                                         10
DCV                          5 (up to 7 w/ cyberware)                                         10
OMCV                         3                                                                 0
DMCV                         3                                                                 0

SPD                          4 (6 w/ hardsuit)                                                20
PD                           3 (6/3; 12/9 w/ Combat Luck, 23/15 w/ Luck & Hardsuit)            1
ED                           3 (6/3; 12/9 w/ Combat Luck, 23/15 w/ Luck & Hardsuit)            1
REC                         10 (15 w/ hardsuit)                                                6
END                         40 (55 w/ hardsuit)                                                4
BODY                        11                                                                 1
STUN                        40                                                                10

 Bureaucratics            PRE  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Computer Programming     INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Cryptography             INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Electronics              INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 High Society             PRE  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Inventor                 INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Mechanics                INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Paramedics               INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Persuasion               PRE  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Security Systems         INT  (13-)                                                        3  3
 Stealth                  DEX  (12-)                                                        3  3
 KS: Cybernetics          INT  (13-)                                                        3  3

 PS: Political Activist        (11-) (everyman)

 High Society Contacts         (11-, useful skills, institutions, organization)            12 12
 The Googolplex                Computer Link: vast amounts of 'public' data                 5  5
 Electronic Memory             Eidetic Memory                                               5  5
 Money                         8 pts Money                                                  8  8

Powers                         description                                            active cost
 Superior skill with makeup    +1d6 striking appearance, focus of the moment (-1/4),        3  1
                                extra time (5 minutes) only to start (-1),
                                Only in normal ID (-1/4)

 Unpowered Cyberware
  Skinweave                    3 rPD / 3 rED (without hardsuit: 8/3 PD 8/3 ED)              9  9
  Reduced Need for sleep       Life Support: Only Sleep 8hr a week                          1  1
  Combat Prediction Software   Combat Luck II                                              12 12

 Powered Cyberware             All Unified powers (-1/4)
  Neurological error checking  10 pts Mental Defense                                       10  8
   Hearing Amplification       +6 Telescopic Hearing (64 meters)                            3  2
   Attention Coprocessor       Rapid x10                                                    3  2
                                (Able to follow up to 10 conversations at once)
  Communication implant        HRRP                                                        12 10
  Radar                         Detect: Radar (5), Targeting (10)                          15 12
  Configurable Systems         50 point reserve multipower                                 50 40
   Strength                     up to +15 STR                                              15  2m
   Grace                        +5 DEX                                                     10  1u
   Reaction Time                +10 lightning Reflexes                                     10  1u
   Endurance                    +10 CON                                                    10  1u
   Enhanced Cognition           +10 INT                                                    10  1u
   Stealth System               Invisibility to Sight and Radio groups                     25  1u
                                 (no attacks (-1/2))
   Movement Subsystem
    Running                     up to +20m running (32m)                                   20  3m
    Leaping                     up to +20m leaping (24m) (no NCM (-1/4))                   10  1m
   Combat Subsystem
    Offense                     up to +2 OCV                                               10  2m
    Defense                     up to +2 DCV                                               10  2m
    Striking power              up to +15 STR (not for lifting (-1/4))                     15  2m

 Hardsuit                      All Only in Alternate ID (-1/4)
  Additional Energy Systems
   Charge Capacity              +15 END (Total END: 55)                                     3  2
   Recharge Boost               +5 REC (Total REC: 15)                                      5  4
 Additional Processing Power    +2 SPD                                                     20 16
   Hard Armor                   6 rPD / 6 rED                                              18 14
   Soft Armor                   5 PD / 5 ED                                                10  8
   Oxygen Supply                Life Support: no breathing                                 10  8
  Combat Prediction Software    2 Range skill levels w/ Hardsuit Powered Systems            4  3
  Powered Systems              Multipower 50 point reserve                                 50 40
   Piercing Laser               8d6 Blast vs ED (Armor piercing (+1/4), Beam (-1/4))       50  3u
   Electrolaser                 10d6 Blast vs ED, Stun only (-0)                           50  4u
   Blinding Laser               10d6 Sight Group Flash (3 Recoverable charges (-3/4)))     50  2u
   Electrical Arc               2d6 Entangle                                               50  2u
                                 (AOE: 16m cone (+1/2),
                                 Entangle takes no damage: only STR to escape (+1)
                                 (escape condition: entangle only persists for 1 minute),
                                 no range (-1/2), 3 Recoverable charges (-3/4))
   Cutting Charges              3m Tunneling through up to 16 PD Material                  35  1u
                                 (3 charges (-5/4))
   Smoke Dispenser              Darkness vs Sight Group 6m Radius                          30  1u
                                 (3 continuing Charges, 1 minute (-1/2), no range (-1/2))
   Radio/Phone Spoofing         -10 PER Radio Group Images                                 35  3u
   Radio/Phone Jammer           Darkness vs Radio Group 16m Radius                         48  2u
                                 (1 Continual Recoverable Charge (5 Minutes) (-1/4),
                                 No Range (-1/2))
   Flight System                20m Flight x32 NCM (1/2 END (+1/4))                        50  4u

Complications                                                                              75
 Cyberware needs maintenance   Physical Complication, infrequently, barely                  5
 Extensive Cybernetics         Distinctive Feature, easily concealed                        5
 Known to have cybernetics     Social Complication infreqent, minor                         5
 AI Rights Activist            Social Complication infreqent, minor                         5
 Secret ID                                                                                 15
 Celebrity                     Social Complication frequent, minor                         10
 Code Against Killing          Psychological Complication Common, Strong                   15
 Noblesse Oblige               Psychological Complication Common, Strong                   15







Involved in a terrible accident, [Hadaly] was given a variety of experimental cybernetic augmentations. Since the people were developing the cybernetics for military purposes, [Hadaly's] 'ware is a bit more high performance than you would expect. She is somewhat famous for being one of the first people to publicly receive extensive cybernetic augmentations. She now uses her money, fame, and contacts to agitate for the rights of AI and heavily cybered individuals. Her cyberware is soft and flesh colored, but easily identifiable by visible seams, etc. They are about as easy to conceal as extensive tattoos.



The 'hardsuit' is not so much armor in the conventional sense but is instead more body expansions and attachments. It's not really useable by anyone else without them also having the same class of cybernetic mods and being about the same size. Note that the hardsuit is (Only in Alternate ID) instead of a focus, so it can't really be taken away once put on.


How do you find out about crime to stop?

The combination of high society contacts, access to wide amounts of 'public' data, the ability to listen to several conversations at once, the ability to be invisible, the ability to hack mobile phones (radio group images) and even generate false phone conversations gives [Hadaly] many options for finding out what is going on.


How to you get to where the crime is?

Even out of the hardsuit, [Hadaly] can run around 47 mph, and in the hardsuit, she can fly at around 715 mph, so getting there isn't going to be a problem.


What sort of stuff do you do outside of costume?

Hold or attend Bruce Wayne style parties. Get bothered by paparazzi trying to prove if you are still 'fully functional' or not. Act as an important figure in the political landscape of the city. Bother the Senators and representatives from campaign state if anything to do with AI/machine/cyborg rights comes up.


Balance notes:

DC: average (10)

CV: average (7)

SPD: high (6)

Def: average (25) (23 PD/ 23 ED, 10 mental defense)


Built in weakness: with many of her stats in a unified power setup and no power defense, even a modest drain on a stat will severaly reduce her effectiveness.


Alas, there's no explicit way to have 'non-combat influence', so I just went with an 'organization contact' for 'high society'. Guess this could be replaced with some combination of fringe benefits and reputations?









                              value                                                      active cost
STR                            10                                                                  0
DEX                            13                                                                  6
CON                            15                                                                  5
INT                            13                                                                  3
EGO                            20                                                                 10
PRE                            30                                                                 20

OCV                             3                                                                  0
DCV                             7                                                                 20
OMCV                            7                                                                 12
DMCV                            7                                                                 12

SPD                             5                                                                 30
PD                              9 (17/8, 23/14 w/ Combat Luck)                                     7
ED                              9 (17/8, 23/14 w/ Combat Luck)                                     7
REC                            15                                                                 11
END                            50                                                                  6
BODY                           11                                                                  1
STUN                           40                                                                 10

 Acting                       PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 Charm                        PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 Conversation                 PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 High Society                 PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 Persuasion                   PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 Power skill: Singing         PRE (20-)                                                       13  13
 PS: Dancing                  PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 Stealth                      DEX (12-)                                                        3   3
 Streetwise                   PRE (15-)                                                        3   3
 KS: Music                    INT (12-)                                                        3   3

 PS: Historian                    (11-) (everyman)

 No records                       Anonymity                                                    3   3
 Combat Luck II                                                                               12  12

Powers                            description                                            active cost
 An Ensouled statue
  Statue 'biology'                Life Support: No breathing, No eating,                      28  28
                                   immunity to diseases and poisons, unaging
  Hard to Stagger                 +8 CON (only to resist stunning (-1/4))                      8   6
  Stone, not flesh                8rPD/8rED                                                   24  24
  No sense of taste                                                                           -5  -5
  More than mere (wo)man          Multipower 10 pts (Unified Powers (-1/4))                   10   8
                                   up to 10 pts Power Defense                                 10   2m
                                   up to 10 pts Mental Defense                                10   2m
  The Ideal Companion             Shape Shifting: Sight, Hearing, Touch,                      61  30
                                   Smell/Taste groups, imitation, humanoid shapes
                                   (0 END (+1/2), Persistent (+1/4),
                                   Extra Time: 5 minutes, only to start (-1))
  A Non-localized Phenomenon      16m Teleportation, position shift (no NCM (-1/4))           21  17
  Detect AT Field Distortions     Unusual Sense Group: Detect: Souls (5), Targeting (10),     22  13
                                   360 Degrees (5), Sense (2)
                                   (Limited Range: 16m (-1/4), Costs END (-1/2))

 The Songs of the Soul            Variable Power Pool
  Active Total                    34 point reserve                                            34  34
  Control Pool                    60 point control, Change as a 1/2 phase action (+1/2),      45  26
                                   Incantations (-1/4), Limited powers (-1/4),
                                   must change whole pool at once (-1/4))
                                   uses singing skill

Complications                                                                                 75
 Code Against Killing             Psychological Complication Common, Strong                   15
 Fears loss of                    Psychological Complication Uncommon, Strong                 10
  continuity of memory
 Nightmares of the Past           Psychological Complication Uncommon, Strong                 10
 Lost Memories                    Psychological Complication Uncommon, Moderate                5
 Heavy Sleeper                    Physical Complication Uncommon, Barely                       5
 A monster from the past          Negative Reputation Infrequently,                            5
                                   Extreme Negative Reputation, Very small group
 Hunted: Past Sins                Floating Hunted                                             10
                                   (usually as infrequent, as powerful, harshly punish)
 DNPC: Memory Keeper              DNPC: Normal, Infrequent                                    10
 Really a statue                  Distinctive Feature                                          0
                                   Special Senses / Major medical to notice
 No paperwork                     Social Complication infrequent, minor                        5

Sample VPP Powers
Other than movement, powers should not affect anything more than 16 meters away.  
This includes the edges of area of effects, so a 16m radius power would have no range, 
and 8m radius power would have 8m range, etc.
If an alternative defense is attacked, it should be mental defense

 Anthems:                         All: (AOE: 16m radius (+3/4),
                                   (selective target (+1/4) or (personal immunity (+1/4)),
                                   No Range (-1/2), Incantation (-1/4))
  Anthem of Paralysis             2d6 entangle (Takes no damage vs attacks +3/4,              60  34
                                   vs EGO (+1/4), ACV (OMCV vs DCV +0))
  Anthem of Apathy                3d6 Drain EGO (ACV (uses OMCV against DCV +0),              60  34
                                   AVAD (Mental Defense +0)
  Anthem of Rest                  4d6 Blast (ACV: uses OMCV against DCV (+0), AVAD Mental     60  34
  Anthem of the Kaleidoscope      6d6 Flash vs. Sight Group  (ACV: uses OMCV against DCV      60  34
  Anthem of the Fairy Godmother   Combined Slot                                                0   0
                                   2d6 Cosmetic Transform -> Stylish Clothing                 12   7
                                   8d6 Cosmetic Transform -> A makeover                       48  27
  Anthem of the Disney Princess   Change Environment: Cleaning and Tidying                    60  34
                                   (6 STR Telekinesis)

 Arias:                           All: (Limited Range: 16m (-1/4), Incantation (-1/4),
                                   Extra time: delayed phase (-1/4))
  Aria of Shattered Compulsions   20d6 Dispel Mind Control                                    60  34
                                   (ACV: uses OMCV against DCV (+0))
  Aria of Shattered Minds         6d6 Mental Blast                                            60  34
  Aria of Shattered Glass         12d6 Blast vs ED (ACV: uses OMCV against DCV (+0))          60  34
  Aria of Naked Force             30 STR Telekinesis                                          56  32
                                   (ACV: uses OMCV against DCV (+0),
                                   Works Against EGO, Not STR (+1/4))
  An Aria for Two                 12d6 Telepathy                                              60  34
  Aria of the Forgotten Lullaby   Psionic Surgery: Major Transform 4d6                        60  27
                                   (erase, change, add to, or otherwise affect a person’s
                                    mental “objects”; heals back normally)
                                   (ACV: uses OMCV against DMCV (+1/4),
                                    AVAD (Mental Defense; +0),
                                    Works Against EGO, Not BODY (+1/4);
                                    Limited Target (mental “objects”
                                    in the minds of sentient beings (-1/2))

 Songs                            (unique limitations)
  Song of Home Repair             2d6 healing, can heal limbs                                 44  29
                                   (AOE: 16m Radius (+3/4),
                                   only vs non-animate objects (machines, buildings, etc) (-0))
                                   Incantation (-1/4), Extra time: delayed phase (-1/4))
  Song of Sound and Fury          Images, Sight and Hearing Group, -6 PER Rolls,              58  29
                                   (AOE 16m Radius (+3/4), no range (-1/2),
                                   constant incantation (-1/2))
  Song of the Dreaming            Combined Slot (constant incantation (-1/2))
                                  Desolidification                                            40  20
                                   (Affected by: Magic & pushed abilities)
                                   (Can't pass through physical objects (-1/2))
                                  Flight 10m, (Megascale 1m = 1km (+1))                       20  13







Found by [Memory Keeper] during an archaeological dig several years ago, where she appeared to be a statue of the Goddess Nike. He became aware of her nature when she began to make comments on a screening of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.



An ensouled statue

[Galatea] is actually an animated statue, though her near perfect shape shifting can make this very difficult to notice. When sleeping, she takes on a little of her inanimate nature and can be very hard to wake up. When she doesn't have any reason to sleep in a human form, she will often drift into a statue as she goes to sleep, the form of the statue having some relation on what dreams she will have. As she never had a human identity, she has no paperwork, no birth certificate, no drivers license, etc.


Memory Problems

[Galatea] is immortal, but she loses her memories of the past. She can clearly remember things that happened until around 10 years ago, and begins losing memories older than that. Anything more than 20 years old will have certainly be forgotten. Events in the past that left a major emotional impression will often come back as 'nightmares' when she sleeps. But because she is only able to dream of the actual event and the extreme emotion, without any other context, these dreams are usually very disturbing. She is now aware of her loss of memory, and fears losing her current identity. She is trying to stave this off by 'storing' her memories in [Memory keeper] and periodically reliving them.


Songs of the Soul

The animating spirit is so strong that it is able to effect severe changes in the world within 16 meters of [Galatea]. Because some of her 'first' memories involve early Disney movies, her current way of effecting these changes is through singing. 'Past lives' had different VPP limitations, but the 16 meter range doesn't change.


A monster from the past

[Galatea] had several other identities in the past. Some of them had reputations so terrible that anyone discovering an animate statue that can effect things within a 16 m radius can set of both extreme paranoia and/or bloody revenge. After all, the statue is a consummate actor, so anything it says not remembering is not believable.


Sample terrible pasts:

The original terracota warrior, [Death within ten paces]

As Qin Shi Huang's chief assassin, [Death within ten paces] killed a lot of people, and their extended families, and the villages they grew up in, and their little dogs too. (VPP limitation: focus of the moment: an edged weapon)


The Weeping Angel

Really, the less said about the Weeping Angel, the better. It might hear you. (VPP limitation: when not being observed, yes blinking counts)


How do you find out about crime to stop?

[Galatea] is ridiculously good at social infiltration and data gathering. And if she can get someone alone, she has 12d6 telepathy available to find out what they know. And just to make everyone extra nervous, she has psychic surgery, in case she wants to inflict death of personality.


How to you get to where the crime is?

With access to megascale movement (Song of the Dreaming), she can be there.


What sort of stuff do you do outside of costume?

Look after poor squishy [memory keeper], he's just flesh and bone, and if something were to happen to him, we might forget who we are! Playing the fairy godmother. Being random people and seeing what their lives are like.


Balance comments:

DC: high (12 DC)

CV: medium (7)

Def: medium (25) (23 PD / ED 23, up to 10 power or mental defense)

SPD: medium (5)


Built in weaknesses: Entangles that can't be escaped with teleportation, darkness vs. sound.




Will see which one fits together better with the ideas of the other players.

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They look like interesting characters in a way. I guess I am just being dense. How do you see either of them in action. Both of them to me seem very powerful with little or no weaknesses and not much need for teammates.


I have not played Champions in years (decades) so I am not used to so many points in a starting character. I think the last time I played Champions was shortly after 4th Edition came out.

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I would be interested in joining an online game. I read something about world building and rotating GMs. Those sound good to me. I definitely like four color genre. It allows for the most creativity in character building.

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They are both built to follow the balance rules in the outline I linked earlier:


(Following the balance suggestions) The average hero has:

DC 10

CV 7

Def 25



And your hero is allowed to be 'one up' in total.


So, for example, you could have a brick:

DC 12 (high)

CV 7 (average)

Def 30 (high)

SPD 4 (low)


And still be a 'legal' character.


Or if you want a speedster:

DC 10 (medium)

CV 9 (high)

Def 20 (low)

SPD 6 (high)


would also be valid.


This 'forced trade off' style system works better than a simple campaign caps system because its usually too easy to be at all of the caps, instead of just some of them. And that means that either some characters are just outright weaker than others, or they are all the same, and thus less interesting.




400 points is the 'standard' champions character, and seems to produce characters around as powerful as, I dunno, Spider Man, Captain America, and maybe the Teen Titans.




But in general, every hero should be able to answer:


How do you find out about crime to stop?

Really, a hero should have some ability to 'investigate' beyond just patrolling and hoping to run into something interesting. (Unless you make ridiculous luck while patrolling your investigative ability, I guess.)


How to you get to where the crime is?

Especially with how big American cities are, your hero needs to be able to get around pretty quickly. The original Pulsar (Champions 1 or 2?) who had to take a cab to rob the bank was a fun example of what not to do, but in a well rounded hero, not so much. If your hero has to get across town to suddenly respond to a crime, and that crime is, say 15 miles away, that's at least 15 minutes by car, and there is going to probably going to be traffic and explosions and stuff that make your response time even longer. So really, you are looking at something like 30 minutes to get there. Plus a few minutes to get yourself organized to go, and a few minutes to get organized once you get to the scene of the crime. And things are probably long over unless it's a hostage situation, or something. And we don't want to always have to deal with the bad guys holed up somewhere and holding hostages.


So, short version, your hero should be able to travel at least as fast as a car that ignores traffic.


Of course, if all your characters are built as a team, then you can pool together to make a teleporter back at your base or something that handles this type of mobility, but even then, you should not have to hail a cab if your teleporter is broken.


What sort of stuff do you do outside of costume?

Your superhero game should not just be investigative or tactical situations for costumed heroes. So your character should have some interesting stuff going in their secret ID, or some drama with their public ID, or whatever. In addition, they should have some skills other than being a ninja investigator and punching people in the face.


Built in weakness(es)

Your hero should probably have a build in weak area, beyond the balance rules like 'only 2/3 of (Power defense, flash defense, mental defense' found in the balance rules. Even if you don't have any other reason, this gives you a reason to team up with other people.




And as examples of 'stuff' other characters could add to a team consisting of both Galatea and Hadaly:

Explicit ties to police and law enforcement

Wider scientific background and more 'science' contacts

Magical background, if magic is going to be a thing

Physical/forensic investigative ability

Long range communication and coordination (mink link, teleportation gates, long range surveillance, etc)

Special senses (xray vision, bloodhound smell, mind scan, etc)

And so on...


There are many things that could be added to a team of those two. But your character has to have some ability beyond 'punch people in the face'

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They are both built to follow the balance rules in the outline I linked earlier:



Yes. I read the balance rules and found them quite interesting. What I was asking is what role do you see them playing? It ;looks like Galatea could be a Controller. I am not sure what Hadaly is. Tank? Defender? I really miss City of Heroes.

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How to you get to where the crime is?


say 15 miles away, that's at least 15 minutes by car

Hmm I was wondering about this. Would a low movement with megascale be allowed? That could simulate a very fast run/fly/teleport while in noncombat, but is useless once you get close enough to the fight?


So km megascale gives you +1 modifier, so 2m+MS costs 4 points, you could (w/2 SPD noncombat) move 4km per 12 seconds, and be in the vicinity of the crimescene 15 miles away in 72 seconds.



Could also be great as the 'running away really fast' power

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Hadaly would be short or medium range DPS with a minor in control. As the entangles from the electrical arc don't block attacks, she can entangle an opponent for a team mate to hit, or she can try blinding an opponent for the same sort of follow up. Against target without hardened defenses, her AP laser will produce good results, with the electrolaser available for squishy targets or people with hardened defenses. For teams that need a breather, or can target through darkness against sight, her smoke dispenser also offers some utility, as long as the fight doesn't take place over a large area.


Galatea for either locking down weak opponents via EGO drain or mental paralysis. Against stronger opponents, she can hit hard, but the single target effects usually have 'delayed phase' so they'll happen last. Her ideal use is to infiltrate the enemy, get close to a group of them, and start the fight with some AOE ability, then have the rest of the team pile in on the now distracted targets.

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Hmm I was wondering about this. Would a low movement with megascale be allowed? That could simulate a very fast run/fly/teleport while in noncombat, but is useless once you get close enough to the fight?

The very low base movement with megascale is rules legal, but usually a bit frowned upon. The linked balance rules suggest that any movement with megascale attached should be worth at least 10 base points. Alas, without megascale, it's hard to get 'fast' movement without a very large amount of active points, but the smallest megascale is 1km, making any megascale movement really fast (Even operating at speed 2, a 1m + megascale 1m = 1km movement power goes at 600 km/h / ~373 mp/h


Making Hadaly's 20m x32NCM 1/2 END flight 50 active points (~716 mp/h) into 20m megascale (1m = 1km) 1/2 end flight is only 45 active points and tops out at something like 22,374 mp/h. There's not a lot of middle ground available, alas.

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Alas, when dealing with the actual scale of the universe, even 'megascale' can have a bit of a problem. Example, I was working on a hero base, which would be a spaceship in geosyncronus orbit around the earth. That's around 35,786 km above the surface of the Earth. So if we want the teleporter on our ship to be able to reach anywhere on the earth, we'll need a range on the order of 50,000 km. If we want to be able to reach other ships in geosyncronus orbit (potentially on the opposite side, then a full 100,000 km range would be useful)


So here's the power:


                                                                                  active cost
Wormhole Gate Creator 10m Teleport x4 mass, no velocity                              127   36
                       (Megarange 1m=10,000km (+2)  AOE: 2m Radius (+1/4),
                       Constant (+1/2), Usable Simultaneously creator and one other (+1/2),
                       gate (-1/2), OIF Immobile (-1.5),
                       extra time: half phase action to maintain (-1/2))
So the ability to make a teleport gate, that someone could step through is 127 active points, and still 36 real points, even with an immobile focus.


And that 100,000 km is still only around 25% of the distance to the moon.

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Making Hadaly's 20m x32NCM flight (~716 mp/h) into 20m megascale <snip>


There's not a lot of middle ground available, alas.

So unless there's an agreed shared movement method (jet, teleporter, flying cab) I'm not sure.


Depends on the type of crime I suppose, and the amount of destruction 15 minutes of waiting can handle. In 15 minutes a bank robbery could be over with and them escaped on the road already. Although a gang war, fire or other event could go on for hours.


I'm reminded of the worst RPG sessions I ever played in which the group were ignored by the DM so they roleplayed being stuck in a traffic jam while one player was the only one being able to do anything.


So the ability to make a teleport gate, that someone could step through is 127 active points, and still 36 real points, even with an immobile focus.

Hmmm interesting, if there was a shared collective base, 10 points per player to have a shared gate wouldn't be a bad idea... But that depends on the setting if the technology would be an option. So much hasn't been decided yet.

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Here's the full writeup of that base, which was a highly damaged space version of something like a Point Class Cutter


Spaceguard Cutter Valiant



Size                         3  16x8x8m                                                           6
PD                          10                                                                   12
ED                          10                                                                   12
Body                        10                                                                    8
                                                                                         active cost
Geostationary Orbit           Location: Distant, In Space                                    35  35
Backup Power                  Endurance Reserve (68 END, 3 REC) (OIF Immobile (-1.5))        19   8
Stealth Systems               Concealment 15-                                                15  15

Communications Systems
 Radio and Internet Link      HRRP (OIF Immobile (-1.5), Affected As Sight And Hearing       12   4
                               Group As Well As Radio Group (-1/2))
 The Googleplex               Computer Link: access to vast amounts of 'public' data          5   5
 Team wormhole communications Mindlink: limited group: team, Any distance, 8 individuals     30  11
                               (also blocked by anything that stops teleportation (-1/4)),
                               OIF Immobile (-1.5))
Artificial Gravity            Telekinesis: 10 STR (OIF Immobile (-1.5), Only To Pull         15   4  (1 END)
                               Objects Straight Down To The Floor (-1) Costs END (-1/2))
Life Support                  No breathing (OIF Immobile (-1.5), Costs END (-1/2))           10   3  (1 END)
Space Shielding               Safe in Vacuum, High Radiation                                  3   3
Wormhole Synchronizer         Detect Precise Location To Teleport To/From (Radio Group),     39  13  (4 END)
                               Discriminatory, Analyze (megaRange (1m = 10,000 km; +2),
                               OIF Immobile (-1.5), Costs Endurance (-1/2))

Wormhole Gate Creator         10m Teleport x4 mass, no velocity (Megarange 1m=10,000km (+2) 127  36 (13 END)
                                AOE: 2m Radius (+1/4), Constant (+1/2), UBO
                                Simultaneously creator and one other (+1/2), gate (-1/2),
                                OIF Immobile (-1.5), extra time: half phase action
                                to maintain (-1/2)) 



And a surviving crew member, Petty Officer Bitrot



                          value                                                      active cost
STR                         8                                                                 -2
DEX                        10                                                                  0
CON                        10                                                                  0
INT                        13                                                                  3
EGO                        13                                                                  3
PRE                        10                                                                  0
OCV                         3                                                                  0
DCV                         3(5 due to shrinking)                                              0
OMCV                        3                                                                  0
DMCV                        3                                                                  0
SPD                         2                                                                  0
PD                          6(8/2)                                                             4
ED                          6(8/2)                                                             4
REC                         5                                                                  1
END                        20                                                                  0
BODY                        8                                                                 -2
STUN                       20                                                                  0
 Computer Programming     INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 Cryptography             INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 Electronics              INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 KS: What's on TV            (11-)                                                         2   2
 KS: Hawt Robot Porn         (11-)                                                         2   2
 KS: Funny stories           (11-)                                                         2   2
 Mechanics                INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 Paramedics               INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 Security Systems         INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 Stealth                  DEX(11-)                                                         3   3
 Systems Operation        INT(12-)                                                         3   3
 PS: Starship Crewman        (11-) (everyman)
Powers                       description                                             active cost
 A Chibi Robot
  Small Size                 1 level of shrinking (0 END (+1/2), persistent (+1/4),       12   8
                              inherent (+1/4), Always on (-1/2))
  No sense of smell                                                                       -5  -5
  No sense of taste                                                                       -5  -5
  Light Armor                2 rPD / 2 rED                                                 6   6
  Robot 'biology'            Life Support: no breathing, immune to poison and disease     20  20
  Spaceworthy                Life Support: safe in vacuum, high radiation                  3   3
  Low Maintenance            Life Support: eat and sleep once a week                       2   2
  Gravitic Flight            6m Flight (no NCM (-1/4))                                     6   5



So for 50 total points (35 for the Valiant as a base, 15 for Bitrot as a Follower, the team got a team mindlink, a megascale teleport gate, some research ability, and a more responsible Pintsize to run it all. I limited the END reserve to keep the gate from being open for any length of time, and the small base size means it's probably not too pleasant to stay there for long periods of time. But over the course of a few minutes, your could 'port the whole team from earth to the base, and then down to wherever they needed to go. Putting the base in space, and making it very hard to find means that you'd hopefully never have to deal with headaches like exactly how tough the bases walls are.

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