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Export Templates: Tag Names

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This is either me (most likely) or a docs mismatch.


This works:

Primary: <!--STR_PRIMARY--><br/>
Secondary: <!--STR_SECONDARY--><br/>
Primary Roll: <!--PRIMARY_ROLL--><br/>
Secondary Roll: <!--SECONDARY_ROLL--><br/>

This doesn't:

STR<br/>(Not Working)<br/><br/>
Primary Roll: <!--STR_PRIMARY_ROLL--><br/>
Secondary Roll: <!--STR_SECONDARY_ROLL--><br/>

Note the lack of the "<!--STR--><!--/STR-->" non-working. But yet the "STR_" within the brackets still works???

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Have you tried


Primary: <!--STR--><!--STR_PRIMARY--><!--/STR--><br/>


Yep. I should have said the opening and closing STR tags. It's as if the program ignores the "STR_" when the main STR tags are used and when they're not it doesn't have a clue what you're asking it to do.

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Gotcha.  Thanks.


Hate to do this...is there a difference between:

[General Characteristic Tags]

[General Characteristic Tags]

[General Characteristic Tags]

[General Characteristic Tags]

and this:

OCV 1:<!--OCV--><!--OCV_PRIMARY--><!--/OCV--><br/>
OCV 2:<!--OCV--><!--OCV_PRIMARY--><!--/OCV--><br/>

DCV 1:<!--DCV--><!--PRIMARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/>
DCV 2:<!--DCV--><!--SECONDARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/>

Why the "_CHAR" stuck on the end? Or is there a comment buried in the code I should be pulling out to answer that <lopsided grin>?

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There's a number of things to comment on in that post, but I'll stick to the basics.

In regards to the _CHAR, it's mostly an artifact -- the program has evolved over time.  As tags were changed and merged into a common structure, old tags couldn't just be dropped.  Support had to continue in order for existing (or older) templates and formats to work.


You'd be better off (have an easier time) if you just join the characteristics into a single block.

Rather than:

DCV 1:<!--DCV--><!--PRIMARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/>
DCV 2:<!--DCV--><!--SECONDARY_DCV--><!--/DCV--><br/>


DCV 1:<!--PRIMARY_DCV--><br/>
DCV 2:<!--SECONDARY_DCV--><br/>

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Artifacts got it.


Oh, and that's not a real character sheet.  It's my "test out syntax" and make sure it works the way I expect file. Essentially a "hello world" export format.


Thanks for all the help guys.  I really appreciate it.



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