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Washingcon 2017

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Hello everyone,


I will be running two HERO games over at the Washingcon gaming convention on Saturday, September 9th and Sunday, September 10th.  


The first game will be set in Bill Keyes' The Widening Gyre (Victorian steampunk) setting, and called "The Dog Boy of Washington" (an adaptation of the Dog Boy of Westminster).  The PCs will be tasked by an orphanage to find a missing child, who disappeared on a recent trip to a travelling circus.


The second game will be set in Michael Surbrook's Kazei 5 (anime cyberpunk) setting, and called "On the Eve of Destruction".  The PCs will be tasked with trying to retrieve or rescue a powerful psionic esper from an urban wasteland known as the "zero law enforcement zone."


Michael Surbrook plans to be in attendance for the Kazei 5 game, so I hope I can run it to his specifications.

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