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Character Help: This time, grenade belts


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Hello, and thank you again to all the people who helped me with holsters and shooting stances. This time the subject is grenade belts. How are they worn?


Google has given me several pictures of belts for carrying grenades, but in 10 pages of images I haven't found many pictures of people *wearing* them. And most of those were Vietnam War-era or older, and not very clear. Some were worn in the "Badass Bandolier" style, but I'm looking for plain, ordinary, around-the-waist style.


I found one picture of a Marine lying on the ground with the grenades in front. Those might have been grenade launcher rounds; I couldn't tell. Front seems most sensible, but one picture is not much to go on.


The belts I found seem to have straps to tighten the belt, but no buckle as such. One might be Velcro. Presumably you put the belt on and reach behind yourself to tighten the strap. But I'm guessing.


Does anyone have first-hand knowledge with this?


DEan Shomshak

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