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Just a coincidence?

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I didn't want to be negative on the facebook post so adding this here.


Doesn't the following seem awfully familiar?


Originally from:









And on a more humorous note I'll leave this:


from: https://rpggeek.com/thread/1813450/qotd-july-16-which-your-favorite-generic-rpg-and-w/page/2

It occurs to me just now that Hero is the El Camino of RPGs.

It can do almost anything, but very few particular things as well as a more specialized system in its niche. It's as ugly as sin to many folks, but its fans actively appreciate the same things that others find ugly. It rewards tinkerers--up to a point. You still see one around every now and then, the owner proudly and happily tooling away in it--aware of the stares but unconcerned by them. Though possibly there is an embarrassed passenger riding shotgun.






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You'd think that Hero would be bigger in Australia, given the popularity of the, "ute."



Toyota, Holden and Ford have that market sewn up already. :)


I hate to say it, but in this context, D&D is probably the Toyota Hi-Lux.

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Is this the one being referred to?






If so, I get it.  Even Champions 6e looks like it.


My issue with the Heroic game's logo and name is that it is so similar to the name HERO which is tied to Champions.  Also, Champions/HERO is still actively support if only by a thread. Marvel just moves on to new systems.


If Jason doesn't have a problem then there is no issue but I just thought it was interesting.



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