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HCM 1.1.10 Vehicle defenses

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When I bring a vehicle into a combat scenario (from HD6b20151018, HERO 5 rules) , the vehicle's defenses do not function. DEF is not used, but neither is additional ARMOR bought as a POWER.

Is this intentional?

Should I be using a different Combat Record Export template?


Many thanks, and great software!


Edit- HCM 1.0.10, not 1.1.10

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Thank you for purchasing HCM.  Yes you noticed the 1.0.10 bug ;-).


I never tested HCM with vehicles so I am not surprised that it doesn't work.  I will add that to the list of features to add to HCM.  No promises on when that feature will be added at this point.  Current feature work is kicking my programming a**.

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