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The Order of Opperations in Post Segment 12?

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I've noticed a couple things can happen during Post Segment 12, but I can't find anywhere that explains in what order these things happen.

Say I build a Power that Drains Recovery, and I Drain 10 points of Recovery from somebody.
Post Segment 12 rolls around, Do they take their Free Recovery then Fade the Drain, or do they Fade the Drain then Take the Free Recovery?

I'm sure other things can happen in Post Segment 12 also, how do you decide what order it all happens?

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If the Drain was done on Segment 2 ... and the fade is 5pts/turn, then I would expect the fade to occur 1 turn from when the Drain occurred (i.e. Segment 2 of the next turn) ... not during Post-Seg12.  (Anything less means you faded the Drain too early ... and the character didn't get the full turn's duration before the fade.)


Thus, using your example -- since the Drain didn't take place during Post-Seg12 ... then it also wouldn't fade during Post-Seg12 ... and the only operation left to be performed is the Post-Seg12 recovery.


As for other Post-Seg12 operations (like, say, Regeneration) ... I have found that the order of them rarely matters.  In those rare circumstances where it does matter, the GM should make the call based on cinematic/dramatic sense ... with influences from things like Luck, Unluck, and other such things.

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The standard rule is that all adjustments fade at 5 points per Turn and this is done in Post-12. Simple for book keeping, but it does create the situation the OP brings up for REC.


However, the GM has the option of using the "12 segments later" rule instead if more detail is desired, which is Surrealone's scenario. 


If using the first method, I'd rule that adjustments all happen after Recoveries, since that's what would happen using the second method. It also gives ONE Post-12 where a REC adjustment is at full effect, no matter how late in the Turn it was applied, which seems fairest for the player who did it.

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HS6e1, page 139, to of first column: "The Character Points gained or lost via an Adjustment Power (except Healing) fade/return at the rate of 5 Character Points per Turn. The points are usually regained at the end of Segment 12 when normal Post-Segment 12 Recoveries are recorded. Individual Power descriptions note exceptions or other special rules."


HS6e2, page 129, bottom of first paragraph: "Other game events that occur in Post-Segment 12, such as the fading of an Adjustment Power or the gaining of BODY from Regeneration, take place before the Post-Segment 12 Recovery."


Of course, post-segment 12 isn't actually a segment, and no time expires, so it doesn't seem to me that any sort of other "game events" should be taken except for recovery. Technically the fade is happening in Segment 12, at the very end. But I'm inclined to agree with Surrealone and do the fade in the segment each turn in which it was activated.

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Most GM's I've encountered do the fade a turn (i.e. 12 segments) after the Drain ... primarily to avoid scenarios where the Drain is done in Segment 10 or 12  and then faded 5pts almost immediately in Post-Seg12 ... as that's a full die of Drain drop-off way too soon to allow the character who paid points for the Drain to get the value for which s/he paid.  (It's also just not a lot of added bookwork or effort to fade the drain a full turn after it was used (rather than in Post-Seg12) ... and it precludes the REC concern noted, here.)

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