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Chris Goodwin

Feature request: Allow Modifiers and Adders to set cost multiple

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Hi Dan, 


I'm working on some custom rules templates, and I was wondering if it would be possible to allow Modifiers and Adders to set a Cost Multiple for Powers, assuming those are allowed in the campaign rules.  If Cost Multiples aren't allowed, it would just ignore the attribute.


A use case I can see for this would be that in a Fantasy Hero game, a GM could do something like this in a custom template:

			<SOURCE>Fantasy Hero</SOURCE>
			<DEFINITION>(Fantasy Hero, page 246) This Limitation represents the fact that a spell 
				cannot use the same combat modifiers and maneuvers as regular attacks.</DEFINITION>

Then any Power with the Spell Limitation would automatically have its cost multiplied by 1/3. 




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I've been thinking about this...and honestly I don't like it.  It would require more than just template support, the UI would need to have that added in so that it could be set/changed from within the application...and it would just be plain confusing for the user, IMO.  "So...A +1 Modifier is going to double the cost of the Power, but it has a 0.333 Cost Multiplier on it...does that affect the cost of the Modifier, or the cost of the overall Power?"

To mimic the 1/3 cost of Spells in FH, just make a List with a 0.333 Cost Multiplier and put all Spells into that List.

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