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Chris Goodwin

Feature request: Controls to configure APPEREND by Power

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Hi Dan, 


Would it be possible to allow the user to configure APPEREND per Power in the same way they can configure Cost Multiplier?  I'm envisioning a checkbox in the Settings tab to allow it, and a button next to Cost Multiplier to bring up a dialog to set it, along with the same warnings about only setting if your GM allows it and you know what you're doing.  It could even be in the same dialog as Cost Multiplier, and no need to add a separate button.  It would add the attribute to the Power in XML; if not already set it would default to whatever the Active Points per END setting is in Settings.



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Short answer: no.


Longer answer: no, partly because you have the relationship between Powers and the XML backwards, partly because it would take a generalized rule within HERO System and force it to be a variable in each and every object -- NOT going to happen.

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