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One of the PCs from my Planetary Romance campaign was, I supposed you'd call her, a geisha-assassin. She carried an electronic musical keyboard. Since music was part of her schtick, I thought I should

Rollerball. The first one.

Simulated sensory inputs. For anything from a massage to hunting dangerous prey to pornographic experiences, a couple of monetary units and you are off to the races. The dark side of that technology c

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The thing that immediately comes to mind when I think about spacefaring Star HERO campaigns is a space race, and specifically for a vast interplanetary society, a race that extends across the vastness of space. Fans view it through VR headsets or some other tech. Or perhaps it's a race along the outer surface of a ringworld. When I think about these types of racing sports involving vehicles that we're familiar with and placing that into the setting of a galactic-spanning society, I think the vastness they're accustomed to is an inherent feature that they take for granted. Much like gravity generators on spaceships are fundamental as the electrical grid is to us.


What are your thoughts and reactions?

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