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A little home-cookin' - Dragon Cult action

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Here's a thing. My buddy Chris is here in Indy for Gen Con, and I can't go, so I thought I'd whip up a dungeon for a special episode of my long-running (1986) Caleon game.


Quick Background: A lost sword is now the hands of the vile wizard Dragon Mask (aka Chadros Fane). He and his cult swiped it from some ants. The PCs are sent by this hive of semi-intelligent ants to return Fane alive to the Ant Queen; they can keep the sword, she can't use it. She just wants revenge on him for killing all those pupae. Dragon Mask worships my weird version of Bahamut from Arabic myth.


This thing references my 561-page Campaign Guide, so pardon me, but it's very local. Fits really nice into my "Sea of Dragons/Forbidden City of Tsang" arc that I'm running presently, but you might have trouble making it fit in your game. There are numerous references to Fantasy HERO products of various editions..


The maps use hexes, but this is more of a design choice than cartography, really. Makes them nice to look at. I'm not quite sure of the scale. Probably 2 meters.


Anyhow, a work in progress. Feedback is appreciated.


Things to do:

Actually edit the thing.

Work on NPC Complications

Create the Pillar of the Dragon artifact

Balance Chadros Fane to my party.

Create the Symbol Traps (Triggered by looking at them, I suppose)

Assault on the Dragon Cult.pdf

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Just giving it the once over, I notice that there are a lot of missing references in regards to beasties. I can tell that this is a draft.


Overall design and layout are nice. The scale thing is important in a Hero game, but you can always ignore the printed hex and assign a scale to whatever you want.


Chadros Fane, supposedly very powerful, could be an awful lot for a party to handle. That triggered healing has the potential to keep him in the fight for a very long time. Every other phase he can potentially heal almost all of his Body and that could tip the balance unless somebody gets a lucky, high damage hit. The "claws" are going to be a nightmare for any PC group, but if kept as henchmen instead of garden variety mooks, you should be okay.


All in all, I like it.

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