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Points return from Delayed Recovery Rate as though healing BODY?

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I was just reading through Fantasy Hero for 6th edition when I came across the 'crippling blow' talent, and in the game information section for this talent it lists one of the advantages for it as Delayed Recovery Rate (character heals damage as though recovering BODY) at +2 and 3/4. As the description for this talent doesn't go into detail on how this works I assumed this version of the Delayed Return Rate is described in one of the other Hero books but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where to find this version of DRR and if not and this version was made up solely for Fantasy Hero then how did the author come up with the cost for the advantage?

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Built using Hero Designer:


14    Crippling Blow FH 6e: Drain CON 1d6, Physical Abilities (This Advantage allows a character to vary which game element his Adjustment Power affects within a defined special effect category (or other large group); +1/2), Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Month - character heals the 'damage' as if Recovering BODY; The Character Points gained  or lost via an Adjustment Power normally return to their previous value at the rate  of 5 Character points per Turn. This Modifier allows you to increase the time that  the effects of the Power last.; +2 3/4) (42 Active Points); OIF (daggers of opportunity; -1/2), Limited Power Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (Healing BODY Heals Effect; -1/2), No Range (-1/2), Requires A Roll (Skill roll, -1 per 10 Active Points modifier (-4); Dagger Tricks Roll; -1/2) - END=4


Normally characters heal BODY damage equal to their RECovery per month barring some other healing/regeneration.  This ability DRAINS one physical ability of the target per 'hit' in lieu of doing actual BODY damage.  The Drain recovers(heals) as if it were actual BODY damage (per the character's REC per month or Healing magic).



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