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Terrible Writing Advice

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Terrible Writing Advice is a YouTube channel with Sacrastically made "terrible writing advice". Maybe it is best to let the Channel Intorduction video and playlist speak for itself:




A lot of the thematics deal with the background and hero design, so I thoguht this might be a usefull resources for Gamemasters and Players alike.

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I discovered this guy's videos a couple weeks ago and I've watched a bunch of them so far. Not sure why he calls it Terrible Writing Advice, though. This stuff is gold! I'm following it closely and I can already tell that the book I'm writing will be a bestseller.




Irony is a fine art, and he a master of it.


Hence, Terrible Writing Advice. (But not really.)


Edited to add: You can follow all of his advice literally and make a ton of money, because there's always a huge market for vile crap.

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