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Kickstarter: Metahumans Rising

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Final Week for the Metahumans Rising Kickstarter
Inspired by iconic superhero stories. Powered by your imagination. 
In this last week of the Kickstarter House Dok Productions is reaching out to all our supporters. Metahumans Rising is so close to the goal, but we need your help to cross that finish line. Our goal was to take the best aspects of the superhero genre and bring them to your game table. The core book has everything you need to put on the spandex and jump into action. 
  • Hero Creation, with easy to use, keyword driven, system for character creation and powers.   
  • 30+ sample powers including Animal Morphing, Grit, Invulnerability, Living Light, Power Absorption, Plant Control, Regeneration, Strange Visions, Vampirism, Weather Mastery, and dozens more. 
  • A Rogues Gallery including threats you expect like typical street gangs to things you might see coming like a genetically enhanced cybernetic dragon. 
  • Disasters: Easy to use guidelines for dangerous locations and environmental threats. Pit your heroes against everything from burning buildings to natural disasters
  • The World of Metahumans Rising: A sample campaign setting. 
  • Burning The Midnight Oil: A starting adventure including a rival super villain team. 
  • The Hall of Legends, Heroes created by you. (Limited number remaining.) 
Interviews with game designer Dave Silva:
Join us! Rise up! 




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Time is running out on the Metahumans Rising Kickstarter. Currently, we are less than $500 away. That means it only takes a few more supporters to help us reach our goal. A print and PDF copy is only $35. With less than 20 people we can finish this Kickstarter successfully.


If you have a character you've always wanted to share, we have the Hall of Legends. There are five slots remaining and backing us at this level means your character is included in core book, both the PDF and print versions, that includes full Illustration by the talented Jake Perez. Speaking of Jake, if we're successful he's agreed to do a exclusive Metahumans Rising motion comic.

Now's the Time. Join us. Rise up.

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It's 2:09 AM locally with 7 hours to go. Metahumans Rising is $407 from our goal. We only need a handful of backers to finish successfully. Do you have a character you want to share with the world? Your pledge can make the difference.

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The Kickstarter is officially funded! With just a few hours to spare we made our goal! Metahumans Rising is moving forward! A huge thank you to everyone who's helped us along the way and of course to all of our Backers. 


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