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Sam On Maui

Questions on current version

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I'm considering getting it. I'd be using it on my desktop PC and my Surface Pro if I got it. Easy to use? Touch friendly? Can I print out speed charts? Add/remove characters for quick new charts? Thoughts?

Also, does it make it easy/fast to do things that change the speed chart mid-game? We have 8-13 people in our HERO games every week, so there are parts of the system we deliberately block off because they mess with the speed chart...

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As the creator of the HCM I am happy to answer your questions.


  • It works on any system capable of running a full Java VM.  So if you can run Hero Designer on your Surface Pro then you can run HCM.
  • You must own Hero Designer because HCM uses output files from Hero Designer.
  • Easy to use?  Yes/No ;-).  There are things about the UI that I don't like but it functions.
  • Touch friendly?  I have no idea
  • Print Speed Charts?  Don't need to because HCM uses an export from Hero Designer.  The exported file contains all the information about the character(s) needed to manage combat.
  • Add/Remove Characters quickly?  If you have the exported file, adding is easy.  Deleting characters is very easy from a combat session.
  • You can change a character's speed mid-combat.  Unfortunately this feature, works but there is a long standing bug where you might have to hit the OK button a few times before the dialog goes away.  I have tried to figure out what is going on but I can't (setting breakpoints in the debugger hasn't helped, trace output hasn't helped, it's an evil bug that will truly celebrate when I squash it - can you tell that I hate that bug).

You have a big gaming group.  I have run HCM with 6 player characters, multiple major villains, and armies of goons.  Getting through phase 12 still takes a while but you don't have to deal with book keeping (how much stun did that goon take).


More can be found here, (One Hit Wonder is an option now).

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