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Problems with custom export template - 5e Hero

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I am coming back to Hero Designer after many years away and just bought the v6 updated version. I am trying to set up a custom export template for a combat summary sheet for Heroic characters. I am having some problems that I hope you kind folks can help me with. 


1) Under the "Attacks section" Hand-to-Hand damage does not seem to be adding to Str damage as either a Power or Equipment (see Fist Loads 1 & 2) in the attached character. I am using the <!--EQUIPMENT_DMG--> and <!--POWER_DMG--> tags. 


2) Under the Attacks section, Str Min does not appear to be adding Str to attack damage as either a Power or Equipment. (see Clubs 1, 2, 3 and 4)  Using the same tags as above.


3) Under the Combat Skill Levels section, the OCV levels bought under a Compound Power do not seem to be showing up  when using the <!--COMBAT_LEVELS--> tags. It does appear when it is under a list. See Clubs 2 and 4. Do I need to do a query to open up Compound Powers there?


4) Why are Combat Skill Levels showing up as an Attack power/equipment in the Attacks section?


5) Is there any way to pull in the actual Combat Skill Level bonuses from a Compound power into the OCV/DCV columns under the Attacks sections? 

Thanks in advance.

JC 5e Crossways Combat Sheet 20170912 RTF.hde

20170912 Magic Club guy.hdc

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