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You win a movie studio! What movies do you make?

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OK, you open your box of cereal and the prize inside is ownership of a functional movie studio. ;)


So. Now you have the ability to make movies, including movies made for tv such as miniseries.


What movies and miniseries' would you like to make if you could?


A while back the SFC stunned me by making a well made sf miniseries based on a classic sf novel. Unfortunately the novel was ''childhood's end'' by A.C. Clarke, which while a true classic sf novel wasn't the best possible choice for a miniseries.


I'd like to make a good miniseries based on another classic sf novel, ''the black cloud'' by astro physicist Fred Hoyle. If you're unfamiliar with the black cloud you can look it up here. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_Cloud


BTW tbc makes for some ideas regarding sfrpg campaigns if you like starhero.

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The Stainless Steel Rat movie. I reread the first few books in the series earlier in the year and it really struck me just how good an action movie the first book in particular is.


Had the interesting thought that as Jim DiGriz and Angelina spend a lot of time in disguise - including both of them getting extensive plastic surgery - you could mix things up with a multi-ethnic cast playing both characters. 

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Zornwil vs Death Tribble XXVII


But Zornwil always wins.


I'm going to make porn.  A lot of porn, starring really hot porn starlets, and myself.  I don't care if anyone actually sees it.


I might dabble in kung fu movies and an adaptation of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

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There are a couple RPG worlds I'd want to do as series. Both are similar but also polar opposites.


One is ''code:black'' for the EABA system. It's a very dark and gritty horror and elemental Good vs.

Evil setting where there is a reality most people are literally Blind to. Here's a link to it's free preview. http://www.rpgnow.com/product/25571/EABA-CodeBlack-v10?it=1


Another is ''M Force'' for the QAGS system. It's another ''real world with monsters'' setting but the game setting is more comedic than horror.

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My idea is a large cast of stock players, and then put on a book each year.  Once any of the actors becomes expensive and/or famous, replace them with some talented newcomer, and keep it rolling.  Use the same cast for roles like a play company and keep it going each year.

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To be quite honest, I'd rather inherit a video game development studio, fully staffed with highly motivated and skilled workers, and a budget that could rival Star Citizien's, which has raked in about $150 million US through crowdfunding. I'd pour resources into a virtual GM AI and proper voice synthesis to create the ultimate sandbox game. I would continue to pump out expansions, much like World of Warcraft does, to support and expand the basic game for at least a decade after release. That's where the money from those Reality TV shows and Found Footage films would go. If I made any breakthrough patents, I'd license the hell out of them for some additional liquid assets. The bonus to all this would be, in my little fantasy, that if I created such a product successfully but ended up financially bankrupt, I'd still be happy. Because once one product like this is brought to market, if it does well, others will follow.

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As mentioned, assuming IP rights could be arranged... movie adaptations of Bujold's "Vorkosigan" series. Also her Curse of Chalion, though that might make a better TV miniseries.


A Traveller TV series, sort of; it would actually be based on the Traveller campaign some friends of mine have run for 30 years, which has diverged a lot from Traveller as published. Focus it on the PCs who run a mercenary company as the immediate "hook" for the audience, but lots of other PCs and NPCs could wander in for cameos such as Colonel Chiron the consulting mercenary, Sharvon the urban barbarian, former admiral Franklin Arthur "Brassy" Nincrock, a.k.a. Emperor Nincrock the Last, Willie Pete Hovis a.k.a. the Wrath of God, Doctor Reptile, street surgeon Velma Frankenstein... I could go on and on.


Something adapted from Astro City.


Dean Shomshak

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My idea is a large cast of stock players, and then put on a book each year.  Once any of the actors becomes expensive and/or famous, replace them with some talented newcomer, and keep it rolling.  Use the same cast for roles like a play company and keep it going each year.

So the Saturday Night Live plan, but for series. I wonder if it would work. I like the idea, as that is how a lot of the radio/audio stuff works for radio programs and also for animated series.


DMShock - Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls would be excellent mini series.

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A buddy and I played this game about ten years ago, so forgive some out of date casting. The deal was for a non-genre film that would make money and produce sequels. So no personally beloved Sci-Fi novels or old TV shows. What we came up with was a remake of...


Smokey & the Bandit


Bandit.....Dwayne Johnson

Frog........Jessica Alba

Snowman..Larry the Cable guy or whatever Country star would do the soundtrack

Big Enos....Michael Clarke Duncan

Little Enos...Kevin Hart or Chris Tucker

Junior Justice...Patrick Warburton

And as

Sheriff Buford T. Justice

Mr. Burt Reynolds


We'd have to change the plot a bit since Coors beer is legal now. So we make it drugs or some other McGuffin hidden inside the beer Bandit and Snowman have to deliver on time. With Big Enos using the boys as a distraction for the cops to cover the real shipment.

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From 2005 (If you had a 100 million dollar budget)

The first idea for the movie I'd make is Socrates. Think of it Philosophy Vs Democracy. The person who was condemed to death by Democracy defended it at his trial... and they still condemed him to death.

The second idea is to do a more historical accurate version of To Kill Hitler about the 20th July, 1944 Bomb plot. I noticed a few histoical inaccuracies it in and would want them eliminated. I also want it to be a blockbuster, and I might have to get additional funding. The director of choice is Speilberg. 

Other films that I would make are from weird fiction/supernatural horror ala Blackwood's The WillowsThe Man Whom Trees LovedThe Centaur; Machen's The Three ImpostersThe Great God Pan, The White People; Hope Hodgeson's The House on the Borderland; and finally The King in Yellow. This is a great source to mine, a lot of great thriller/horror stories that are much better than the Scream-type and slasher-teen flicks so common nowadays. I'd love to be able to put these on the screen and get the slasher/scream fan to well...scream! 

Also The King of Elfland's Daughter would make a great flick. Live action or Pixar-cartoon? 

Anyone wnat to help me make any of these?

Update: Second idea was made...yay.  And True Detective did a version of The King In Yellow.
From 2007 (Pipe Dream TV series?)

Idea 1
A Lovecraftian/Call of Cthulhu type series which could be taken in one or two directions. The first directions is for it to have a regular cast and play out like a Call of Cthulhu game. For example Masks of Nyarlathotep could be the main plot/theme for season one with separate episodes being interwoven around the main season theme. I'd give the characters' surnames eg Silence, Machen, Kuttner) tipping the hat to some famous people in the genre. These would be inside jokes. eg Mary Silence, descendant of John Silence maybe seen in the background reading a Carnacki novel. Another idea: the main characters are students from Miskatonic University. 

The other direction would be a series of Cthulhu Mythos stories of various length, sort of like a pulp magazine on the small screen. Some shows could be resolved in a one hour episode, others would need multiple hours/episodes to tell the story.

Idea 2
A REH Conan show, and through this explore the "REH Universe" ie other REH characters from different time periods just to break up the show a bit, give it an extra kick.

Idea 3
A show with ideas from Clark Ashton Smith, and focused on one of his cycles (Zothique, Hyperborea or Averoigne). 

All 3 ides would be in a self contained universe and have an overall shared continuity, with each series having a different cast, feel and identity. Sort of like the Bruce Timms' DC Animated Universe.


From 2009 (The movies you would make)

A 100 million budget? That is a ballpark of a Daredevil film (78M) or X-Men 1 (75M), X-Men 2 (110M), Fantastic 4 (100M), Ghost Rider (110M). 
I'd go for a relatively untapped properties. 
Currently I enjoying She-Ra and would love to see SMG take on She-Ra as both Buffy and She-Ra are relatively equivalent -- strong, determined, feminist characters. A 100M budget would give it a good boost at a franchise, the second and third would naturally have bigger budgets. The trilogy (using SW and LotR and models) would involve the Great Rebellion overcoming Hordak and the Horde with a final Battle of the Fright Zone. 
My other option would be to use a "second stringer" Marvel/DC character. Not an A-Lister but one that should have a decent film made about them eg Warbird (Carol Danvers), She-Hulk, Power Girl (for two reasons), Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Zatanna, Dr Fate.

Update: Carol Danvers film is getting made, yay. And Adam Warlock is a near cert for Guardians 3. 

Other posts from the same thread:

Movie I would make: whatever Hermit decided to write. ;)

KODT: The Movie. :yes:

Remember, you asked. :D

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