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Thank a GM

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When's the last time you thanked your GM? Have you ever thanked your GM? For what, is the question of course. GM's can spend a great deal of time creating episodes/sessions for the players to enjoy - and hopefully the GM as well. It takes time and effort and those who have never GM'ed, it's not as easy as it might seem.


For myself, I can spend many hours looking for pictures of places to help the player see the locale, perhaps a map courtesy of the internet to show them what the layout of the area of Japan looks like that their characters are in. I've created dozens of commercials with sound/music as an intro to an adventure to help set the adventure mood, and perhaps give the players insight that the characters cannot have. I've added writing up cryptic notes to actually hand over to the players to look at it, instead of just telling them what the note they've found says, and so on.


I've heard of others using powerpoint presentations, slides and other visual aids to help. Others have battlemaps and figurines to assist the GM.


So, just a thought: if you haven't thanked your GM for all his/her work in awhile, why not do so next time?

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Good thread. I'm not very comfortable with expressions of gratitude, especially as a GM. 


What motivates me is player interaction with the setting, not just during the scheduled game time, but between games as well. Little bits of color and personality poured into the setting so that we can all enjoy the collective fruits of the group's imagination and labor. Everybody has a different workflow so you tend to get people who drop a lot of information into the setting, some who create art, and some who just want a few more details about the NPCs listed on their character sheets to be "out there" for the benefit of the GM and other players. So in addition to thanking your GM, contribute to the setting and provide ideas for the GM to springboard off of.


Pizza is almost never an unwelcome addition either. :D

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Some past GMs


I'd like to thank Winterhawk for letting me try out Gaze, even though mentalists aren't easy by no means and for making Vegas my kind of town for supeheroing.


I'd like to thank Tom for putting up with me when I was all surly, and for some pretty cool story arcs as well (Both did mind you)


Many more I'm forgetting





I'd like to thank my current D&D DM for letting me pour the cheese on my RP for my Dragonborn cleric


I'd like to thank my Vampire Dark Ages GM for patience as well

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