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Galactic Champions 6th Editions Fanmade

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Aloha all


This morning, I woke up with an especially good mood and lots of energy. So I reviewed some of the projects I had for HERO Games, and pondered again about my favorite GC setting.


Since long now, I want to write a sort of complete reedition of the Galactic Setting setting, based on what was the 5th ed. So, in your opinions, what such a fanmade book contain ?


Opale, in inspirational mood



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Do you intend to submit this for publication?



errr... I dunno. At first again it's for my own pleasure. But why not afterall.


Though I'm guessing it would need alot of copyrights approval and such, and I have no idea on where I should start.


Just for now, I'm inspired. I might even include my own campaign scenario as part of the work, as an introduction scenario. Basically I used the Kolvel incident and ran the V'han invasion till the group could find a way out.


So now I'm more interested into gathering people expectations, whatever they might be.



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I would like the TED involved (Temporal Enforcement Directive), along with agents Paradox Timely, but that is my pet time traveller character.

i'd like and need to know more about it then ^^

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i'd like and need to know more about it then ^^

The TED are a secret "time cops" org created by me and Major Tom (mostly Major Tom, I provided the background for my pet hero Paradox Timely, he populated it).


I described Paradox Timely as one third Barbrella, one third The Doctor, one third Gwendolyn (of Perils of Gwendolyn by John Whilly, but basically I only took her love of being bound and tendancy to be bound). She was not made to be a front line fighter, but a behind the sceens hero ment to free up the heroes so they can fight the villains.


Scan for "TED" and "Paradox Timely".


Your better off searching for Champions and "Paradox Timely" over in Google.

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I'm now living in Shanghai, so it's a bit difficult to "google" things here ^^


But I'll try when I get a VPN available

You got shanghaied?!!


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary didn't think France would permit the export of one of their national treasures

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You got shanghaied?!!


Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary didn't think France would permit the export of one of their national treasures

Yup, packaged with very few of my stuff, and moved to the big city. Tomorrow, it will make a full month I arrived ^^


Part of life project, part of some political hazzard happening in France lately.


And speaking about national treasures, you american people have a saying I like : "Only those who got you, deserves you"


Happily, Hero Games website is not blocked by the Chinese Government


Opale, oh-my-god-mandarin-is-so-difficult ...

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It works :)


I didn't even remembered I posted there too. Too bad all attached pictures disappeared.


but I can picture a way or two to get this TED and Paradox Timely included and revamped into my own fanmade version of GC.


Opale, bookmarking the whole thing

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Looking at the work I've one for my GC campaign, I found this; I totally forgot I did this. ^^


It was used as an automatic advertisement broadcasted during the V'han invasion. 


With a well choosen music behind, it totally froze my players during the game lol 


Opale, reviewing her teasers and videos

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It should contain;  


Space Races - 


Space Creatures - Rats, 


Space Monsters - 


Space Cops - Star*Guard, Regional (Sector Rangers), Planetary, Municipal 


Space Marines -  


Space Guards - 


Space Terrorists -  


Space Pirates - 


Common Space Technology 



Mini Space Ships - Space Cycle 


Small Space Craft - Scout/Courier and System Defense Boat.  


Medium Space Craft -  Destroyer (?) Medium Merchant (Millennium Falcon),   


Large Space Craft - Battle Cruiser, Heavy Merchant, 


Super Space Craft - Dreadnaught (How does a Galactic Superhero fight one), Merchant Carrier (?), and Colony Ship (?)  




Star*Guardian Write-Up? 


Galactic Champions Star*Shield (Kor Calidor) p66-69 

Digital Hero #5 - The Characters That Hero Forgot: Star*Guard Brin Rei Tarn (Dendrian), p12-16 

Digital Hero #6 - Hero Universe: Star*Guard p14-?? 

Digital Hero #7 - The Characters That Hero Forgot: Rogue Star*Guard & Mentalist, p12 

Digital Hero #41 - Star*Guard Package Deals, Martial Arts, Character Example "Mranang’na" p16-28 

Champions Beyond (2010 Release Schedule) 

Galactic Champions: Star*Guard Members 

Year Unknown
Star*Guard Gloran, Drugarian
CONTROL (Quantum Matrix A.I./ Engrams of Gloran)

Year 3000
Council of Overseers (x27)
2-N Violet, Az'Arc'A (Sentient Energy Being)  
Hederas, Malvan (Engineer, Gadgeteer, & Inventor)

Star*Shield, Koh Calidorm, Perseid

Year 2000
Star*Guard Andre Almena, Terran (Aleph-3, Terran Sector)
Star*Guard Mordace, Species Unknown
Star*Guard Glayne, Se'eran

Year 2650
Star*Guard Mranang'na, Fex
Star*Marshal Kevru Orz, Zurite (Communications & Control)
Star*Marshal Rom'Shan, Mon'Dabi (Engineer)
Star*Marshal X'al, Xenovore (Pilot)
Star*Marshal Zorma Regi, Catavalan (Medic)

Year 2000
Star*Guard Brin Rei Tarn, Dendarian
Star*Marshal ???, Mandaarian (ATRI 13+)



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Galactic Champions: Federated Super Teams (F.S.T. or Fast!!!) 

Campaign Description: 

Importance of the Player Characters: 

World Description: 

The Story So Far: 

Local Relations: 


Morality: The Federated Super Teams is mostly a four-color campaign, and for the most part the morality of the campaign will be four-color as well. However, there will be some crossover between good and evil, and thing will not always be black and white. Characters will find themselves making difficult decisions, but should always try to be good guys.

On the other hand "bad guys" will vary between being good guys working at cross goals to being extremely evil. Some times the character will be faced with scenes of extreme violence.

Realism: Strong, but the heroes will be expected to make ridiculous efforts and take huge risks to accomplish their goals Character death is a reality. If that is not enough to keep a player character alive, then they had best hope the rest of the team likes them.

Outlook: While the outlook will be mostly positive, there will be many dark moments and many challenges outside of combat.

Seriousness: While the overall tone of the campaign will be very serious, there will be time for a certain amount of light hearted banter, or comic relief. The heroes will be The Galactic Federations best defense against the direst of situations. This does not mean that there is no room for humor. Witty repartee, creative use of powers, and the way you play should provide plenty of humor in the midst of even the direst situation.

Continuity: The game will be entirely serial. Player actions in one scenario will have effects on later scenarios and continuity will be enforced. Adventures will move linearly through time. Bad guys will remember who you are and what you did to them, and the press will print your exploits for the world to see.

• Starting Points: 550
• Maximum Disadvantages: 150
• Maximum Points From One Category of Disadvantage: 75
• Normal Characteristic Maxima: Not Required
• Combat Hit Location Rules: Not Required
• Knockdown Rules: Not Required
• Long-Term Endurance Rules: NO
• Limited Push: YES

Power Levels 
Speed: 4-6 Average 8 Maximum
Combat Values:
Damage Classes: 20 DC Maximum
Active Points: 50 - 90 Average 120 Maximum
Skill Points:
Skill Roll: 8 or less Average 18 Maximum
DEF/rDEF: 12 DEF/12rDEF Minimum, 20 - 40 DEF/20 - 40 rDEF Average, 60 DEF/60 rDEF Maximum

HOUSE RULES: (Special Restrictions, Requirements and Exceptions)
• It is advised that the player make use of all 150 points of Disadvantages.
• All player characters should have a Psychological Limitation concerning Killing.
• The character must have some special mode of transportation.
• The character must have Social Limitation: Secret Identity or Public Identity. 

More Later


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The Istvatha V'han Invasion, the PC's answered Defender's interplanetary call for help from The Superhero World. Under the aegis of the Terran Republican Admiral Zachary Stewart a battalion of Superbeings gathered. Their mission would be to hold off the D-Soldiers long enough for the others to find the Lemurian Super Weapon called the Mandragalore. 

The PC's were teamed together and assigned their mission objective. Istvatha V'han Invasion's Command, Control, & Communications Headquarters which was located in a hidden location. Destroying or disrupting that facility will allow the other teams to achieve their objectives. 

The time to take back the Galaxy is now. 


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Galactic Champions: Character Concepts  

  1. Armorine, Human, Terran Republic Marines, Federated Super Teams, & Malvan Golden Hunter Battlesuit. 
  2. Dark*Star, Human, Federated Security Patrol, Federated Super Teams, & Star*Guard.
  3. Psion, Human (Clone), Mentalist (Telepath & Cyberpath), & Secretly the last scion of the DeValeries, Emperor's of the Terran Empire.
  4. Fairplay, Human, Student/Grav Ball Player, Mutant Metamorph, & Federated Super Teams.  
  5. Nebula-9, Yunnti, Thrombolic Energy Manipulation, Tel'Narian Guard, with Duress Gauntlets, & Federated Super Teams. 
  6. Gladiator, Human, Professional Null Boxer, Malvan Gladiator with Dree Gems , & Federated Super Teams. 
  7. ???, Empyrian, Speedster Powers, & Federated Super Teams. 
  8. ???, Lemrian, Mystic, Sorceress, & Federated Super Teams. 
  9. ???, Faerie Sidhe Paladin, Mystic, Martial Artist/Weapons Master, & Federated Super Teams. 
  10. ???, Human, CthulhuTech/Elder Worm Artifact, & Federated Super Teams. 
  11. ???, Rigellian, Code Talker/Sonic Powers, & Federated Super Teams. 
  12. ???, Roin'esh Shapeshifter, Mimic, & Federated Super Teams. 
  13. ???, Thorgon, Super Sodier, Metalist (Psi-Stalker), & Federated Super Teams. 
  14. ???, Zurite, Engineer, Gadgeteer, Inventor, Scientist, & Federated Super Teams.  
  15. ???, Kolajik, Super Soldier, Duplication, & Federated Super Teams.

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Conquerors, Killers, & Crooks p.184-186

Nebula (Tayina Mathet u-Vareeta Hoki) 
While not on the same power level as a Galactic Champions character she does posses the feel.

Greetings Programs, I am building a Galactic Champions campaign and need some help. While Nebula is a Standard Champions level character she could easily be upgraded to Galactic Champions level. But, I need some questions answered first. 

Debrel IV
Where is it in the Galactic Champions setting?

Tel'Narian Guard
What Empire does this group represent?

What kind of energy is Thronbolic? Mystic, Dimensional, etc...

Duress (Phantom Zone)

Andromeda Galaxy

Yuun'ta Technology
Shamareeth's people?

Republican Authority
How does she justify having any authority without a Galactic Community nod?

Viberon (Shamareeth) 

Conquerors, Killers, & Crooks p.184-186

The Supreme Code of Justice 



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Cost Skill
Federation Super Teams Package Deal

2 1) AK: Galactic Federation 11-
2 2) KS: The Superhuman World 11-
1 3) KS: Federation Culture & History 8-
2 4) KS: Federation Law 11-
1 5) KS: Federation Species 8-
1 6) KS: Federation Politics 8-
2 7) KS: Federation Security Patrol 11-
3 8) Language: Federation Standard (fluent conversation; literate)
2 9) PS: Federation Security Patrol 11-
Skills Cost: 16

Cost Perk
Federation Super Teams Package Deals

5 1) Contact: FSP Commander (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources) 11-
8 2) Fringe Benefit: Interstellar Police Powers
3 3) Fringe Benefit: FST: Membership
2 4) Reputation: Federation Superhero (A large group) 11-, +1/+1d6
Perks Cost: 18

Total Character Cost: 75

Pts. Disadvantage
Federation Super Teams Package Deal

10 1) Distinctive Features: FST Badge (Easily Concealed; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)
15 2) Hunted: Federation Security Patrol 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
20 3) Hunted: Enemies of the Galactic Federation 11- (Mo Pow, Harshly Punish)
10 4) Reputation: FST Superheroes, 11-
20 5) Social Limitation: Subject to Orders (Frequently, Severe) 

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Thanks alot QM for your abondant help :)


I'll need to read it all several times, but it appears to me that some of those things you wrote, I never heard about.


I'm also pondering the fact to rewrite completely the Champions team for the 6th ed, and be very careful about the balance in their stats. In 5th ed, some characters were totally unbalanced compared to others, and we discovered that as we were playing. Which led to creating a brand new group afterward, and a second group of heroes to protect the galaxy.


Opale, the head in the stars

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I'm Thinkin more of a amalgamation of LEGION OF SUPER HEROES[DC], STAR WARS[MARVEL] and Dave Cockrum's THE FUTURIANS in a epic adventure of Humans leaving a polluted earth for new planets in far off star systems while being protected by superbeings.

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Well, I never read LoSH, I'm afraid.


But I am told I like to create things in more than 4 colors, including some shades of grey. Something between Bronze and Iron Age.


For instance I want to revisit Defender concept, as well as several others, but still include it in the universe. I have more than one single idea for that, I just need to decide myself for an option or another.

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Well, shades of grey are good. There is no Utopia, just an almost perfect place.


No, what I want are a huge group of bright young heroes with powers, not necessary human or from Earth. Bonus for typical teenager stereotypes.

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Star Marshal


Player: Eddie


Val Char Cost

20 STR 10

23 DEX 26

20 CON 10

15 BODY 5

18 INT 8

13 EGO 3

25 PRE 15


10/20 PD 8

10/20 ED 8

5 SPD 30

10/20 REC 6

40/80 END 4

40 STUN 10


12m RUN 0

4m SWIM 0

4m LEAP 0

Characteristics Cost: 202


Cost Power

Star Marshal Uniform, all slots OIF (-1/2)

12 1)  Energy Reserves: (Total: 18 Active Cost, 12 Real Cost) +40 END (8 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 5) plus +10 REC (10 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 7)

4 2)  Anti Grav Weave: Flight 10m (10 Active Points); Gliding (-1), OIF (-1/2)

6 3)  Communications Uplink: HRRP (Radio Group) (12 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Sense Affected As  Sight And Hearing As Well As Radio Group (-1/2)

3 4)  Starlight Vision: +4 PER with Normal Sight (4 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

3 5)  Starlight Lenses: Nightvision (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

8 6)  Enviromental Protection: Life Support  (Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (19 Active Points); OAF (-1), Linked (to Protection Field; -1/2)

7 7)  Mental/Psionic Shield: Mental Defense (10 points total) (10 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

20 8)  Protective Uniform: Resistant Protection (10 PD/10 ED) (Impermeable) (30 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)


33 Star Staff: Multipower, 50-point reserve,  (50 Active Points); all slots OIF (-1/2)

3f 1)  Star Blast: Blast 10d6 (50 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

3f 2)  Star Stunner: Blast 6d6, Attack Versus Alternate Defense (defense is ED Resistant Protection defined as force-field, or being fully insulated; All Or Nothing; +1/2) (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

2f 3)  Nova Blast: Sight Group Flash 6d6, Area Of Effect (16m Radius Explosion; +1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4) (45 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), OIF (-1/2)

2f 4)  Energy Shield: Resistant Protection (10 PD/10 ED) (Impermeable, Protect Carried Items) (40 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Costs Half Endurance (-1/4)

3f 5)  Energy Bonds: Entangle 4d6, 4 PD/4 ED (Dismissable) (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

3f 6)  Energy Manipulation: Telekinesis (20 STR), Alterable Origin Point, Fine Manipulation (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

2f 7)  Staff Strike: (Total: 33 Active Cost, 19 Real Cost) Hand-To-Hand Attack +4d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4) (Real Cost: 17) plus Reach +2m, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (3 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2)

1f 8)  Staff Techniques: +30 STR (30 Active Points); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2), OIF (-1/2), Only for Disarm, Bind, & Leverage (-1/4)

3f 9)  Combat: Flight 40m, Position Shift (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

3f 10) Subsonic: Flight 10m, x32 Noncombat, Rapid Noncombat Movement (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)

Powers Cost: 121


Cost Martial Arts Maneuver

Star Guard Staff Fighting

4 1)  Block:  1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block, Abort

4 2)  Disarm:  1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, Disarm; 30 STR to Disarm roll

5 3)  Jab:  1/2 Phase, +1 OCV, +3 DCV, Weapon  Strike

4 4)  Strike:  1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, Weapon +2 DC Strike

5 5)  Smash:  1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +1 DCV, Weapon +4 DC Strike

1 6)  Weapon Element:  HTH, Star Staff

Martial Arts Cost: 23


Cost Skill

3 Acrobatics 14-

0 Acting 8-

1 AK: Campaign City (Everyman Skill) 13-

3 Breakfall 14-

3 Charm 14-

3 Climbing 14-

3 Concealment 13-

0 Conversation 8-

3 Criminology 13-

3 Deduction 13-

0 Language:  English (completely fluent; literate) (4 Active Points)

3 Navigation (Air, Space) 13-

0 Paramedics 8-

3 Persuasion 14-

1 PS: Star Marshal (Everyman Skill) 13-

3 Scholar

1 1)  KS:  Galactic Criminal Underworld (2 Active Points) 11-

1 2)  KS: Criminal Law & Procedures (2 Active Points) 11-

1 3)  KS: Galactic Criminal Law & Procedure (2 Active Points) 11-

1 4)  KS: Milky Way Galaxy (2 Active Points) 11-

1 5)  KS: Sentient Species of the Milky Way Galaxy (2 Active Points) 11-

2 6)  KS: Star Guard (3 Active Points) 13-

1 7)  KS: The Criminal Underworld (2 Active Points) 11-

1 8)  KS: The Law Enforcement World (2 Active Points) 11-

0 9)  KS: The Superhuman World (Everyman Skill) 11-

0 Shadowing 8-

3 Stealth 14-

3 Streetwise 14-

3 Tactics 13-

3 Teamwork 14-

0 TF:  Small Motorized Ground Vehicles (Everyman Skill)

1 WF:  Clubs, Fist-Loads, Staves, Unarmed Combat

Skills Cost: 54



Total Character Cost: 400


Pts. Disadvantage

10 Psychological Complication:  Code vs Murder (Uncommon; Strong)

15 Social Complication:  Secret ID Frequently, Major

Disadvantage Points: 25

Base Points: 400

Experience Required: 0

Total Experience Available: 0

Experience Unspent: 0 

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