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Variable Limitations

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I *think* I already know the answer to this, but:


6E1 396: "The power always has a set total of Limitation values, but the character

can alter the exact type of Limitations to fit the circumstance."

Does this mean a variable set total of Limitation values which is a strict number?
Or does this mean a variable *minimum* set total of Limitation values?
For example: Variable -2 worth of limitations (worth -1) and must have ONLY -2 worth or limitations. Or,
Same power actually has -3 worth of limitations, but can only switch around -2 worth of those?
DC  :)

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What it means is the character selects a value's worth of Limitations he wants to have on the power every time, but that he can switch using the rules for the Limitation. So let's say he chooses -2 worth of Limitations. That means he's always got to have -2 worth of Limitations on his power, but they can vary from Phase to Phase. However, he doesn't get to apply that -2 Limitation to the actual cost of the power. Per the rules for Variable Limitations, the value of the Limitation that he applies to the cost of the power is half that -- in this case, -1.


Or to put it as stated in the book, he chooses a Limitation value he wants to apply to the cost of his power -- in this case, -1 -- and must then define twice that value, or -2, worth of Limitations that affect the power each Phase.


I hope that clarifies things for you. If not, please post a follow-up question, or PM me. ;)

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