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6e Export and missing logo

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Hello Simon,


I noticed that when i set a character sheet to 6e export file, that the first page the Hero logo will come up. However each subsequent page an image holding block is shown instead of the logo. I've re-downloaded the file several times with the same effect. Just wondering what is wrong.



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Open your exported HTML character sheet in a text editor (like Notepad).  Do a search for the text string "HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg".  You will find several instances.


The first instance will say src="HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg".  This is the logo that is showing up.

The remaining instances will say src="/images/HeroSystem_6ELogos.jpg".  These are the missing logos.


Simply edit the HTML file to remove the /images/ string from all instances and save.  The logo will now appear on your other pages.  I'm sure someone with more knowledge of HTML has an easier solution.

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