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Getting Out of Mental Paralysis

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A two-part question for characters escaping from Mental Paralysis.  Note that this is for a superheroic campaign.


1)  Since EGO doesn't (normally) cost END to use, is it possible to push EGO to help escape from a powerful Mental Paralysis?  Example:  Osiris (angry over not getting enough attention) hits LongMan with a 2d6, 3 Mental Defense Mental Paralysis and rolls 2 BODY.   Since LongMan only has 13 EGO (and thus rolling only 2 1/2 d6), his chances of breaking out are slim... but he has a deadline to meet.  Can he push to 23 or even 25 EGO? 


1a)  Related question -- though EGO doesn't typically cost END to use, would he have to spend 1 END to use his normal 13 EGO to break free?


2)  LongMan has a teleportation ring he found in a box of Cracker Jacks.  Can he simply use that to teleport out of the Mental Paralysis, if it's not bought with Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation?

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