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Durzan Malakim

Real Cost Calculation Error with Base Characteristics in build 20170927

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When adding a characteristic as a power and using the "Add Modifiers to Base Characteristic" option, HERO Designer calculates the real cost of incorrectly.


In this example, the Base Characteristic is a PD of 5.

Applying +3/4 worth of Advantages generates 3.75 or 4 Active points, which HERO Designer calculates correctly.

Applying -1 worth of Limitations should generate a cost of 2 Real points, but instead generates a cost of 0 Real points.


As a workaround, I can use a custom adder of 3 to force the real cost to be 2 points.



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That's not what you're doing.  You're stating that the character's base PD is resistant and hardened and only available when the FF is up.  If the FF is down, he has 0 PD.


If you want to apply Resistant and Hardened to the character's base PD Characteristic, and have limitations on the Advantage only, you're talking about a Naked Advantage.

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