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Michael Satran in the Hospital

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Michael Satran has a malignant glioblastoma--a brain tumor. It was discovered late (only a few weeks ago), and appears to be inoperable. Treatment options are being explored by his parents.


As of this writing, Michael cannot speak or reply to emails or messages. His situation is a grim and difficult one. Currently, visitors are appreciated--in the hopes that he knows & is aware of how many people really care about him--but those who visit should be prepared for the fact that he cannot speak and may be sleeping when you visit.


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He's been a good friend, always willing to give a bit of advice on writing RPG's. And all I can say now is **** this ****  because Michael's too young for something like this to happen.


But the same thing happened to Gord Downie, and I think he was about Michael's age....



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I first met Mike at GenCon many years back, and he chatted my ear off about the Champions games he had run and was running at the time.  Many interesting and entertaining stories.  He was a strong contributor to Haymaker!, the Hero Games APAzine for which I was coordinator for a number of years.  And as others have pointed out, he has many published products here in the Hero Games store.  I own many, if not all, of them, and have mined them for characters and ideas to make my own Champions campaigns better.


My prayers and thoughts are with him and his parents in this challenging time. 

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