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VIPER plots

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I plan to hopefully play a short scenario at Thanksgiving. It will involve VIPER trying to break open a armored car. I think I’ll have a sample of Kelvarite in it. I’m also looking to build a beefed up VIPER agent. (Not a super villain but a little tougher than the agents. I have a mini of a hydra agent whose arm broke and I glued on a Power Fist from W40K).

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Bolo this was a very short scenerio. They stopped the robbery of Kelvarite from an Armored car. And right afterwards, I retconned this as to being a Danger Room for induction into a new team financed by Defender.


The plot I’m going to go with though is the Man-Mutation Project and  VIPER’s goal of creating supers and augmenting existing ones.  I’m going to make Kelvarite a key component.

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Some suggestions for future scenarios (take or leave them as you wish):

  • Kidnapping of a now-retired scientist who worked on the US Army's Man Amplification Project (powered armor) to get info on what worked and didn't work
  • VIPER breaks into a research lab where Kelvarite is being studied
  • Theft of some Cyberline drugs from PRIMUS (if they exist in your game world)
  • Lure a hero into an ambush by a bunch of rookie VIPER agents, with lots of hidden sensory equipment around to detect how the hero's body reacts to the various attacks. 

My personal favorite plot arc:

  • Have your heroes go up against very low-level successes of VIPER's Man-Mutation Project on a one-to-one basis, with the heroes most likely defeating them handily.  Make each VIPER semi-powered goon distinctive in some way, whether in powers or personality, hopefully in some way that is counter to the specific hero involved.  (Water powers vs. the fire-throwing hero, casual killer type vs. the healer hero, etc.)  The VIPER subjects may be so low-powered that they don't even warrant being thrown into a super-prison, just locked up in a regular prison.  And then later VIPER has a breakthrough on the MMP that allows them to vastly increase a subject's power levels to make them comparable to the heroes.  So VIPER breaks those subjects out of prison and powers them up.  Done right, this can set up a nice set of arch-nemeses for the heroes to cross swords with.

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