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Players wanted in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

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I'm looking for people who would like to join me for a game of either Champions or Fantasy Hero (5e). I have Campaigns running in both with a small group of mixed gender players. I'm new player friendly and require no experience in the Hero System, just a desire to play and have fun...I'm just getting back into gaming after a long hiatus myself :)


My Champions game is being run closer to a street level game (250 points, 40 AP cap to start). It's set in Millennium City and has more of a "regular people with powers" vibe. As it's a lower power campaign you can expect a more gritty, visceral combat with blood being drawn (on both sides). It's mostly inspired by the latest crop of Marvel shows on Netflix so if you're a fan of those shows you may like the game I'm running.


My Fantasy campaign is being run in the Turakian age setting circa 5000 SE. The characters are in the process of freeing a small town from the grips of an Orc led tribe of non-human raiders. There's also a mysterious and powerful wizard who seems to have taken interest in the PCs and has interfered with their adventures for a yet unrevealed reason.


I'm looking for 2-3 players who can make a Wednesday and/or Saturday game time at 8pm in Kitchener, game times are flexible...the current dates were just pulled out of a hat. Please respond with the day(s) you can attend and the campaign(s) you're interested in joining. Feel free to contact me via this site or directly at sentry0@gmail.com


Thanks for reading

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