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HI Steve,


What effects does being prone have on a characters ability to move (or continue moving if they were already doing so)?


For example, Sprint-Man has 60 m of Running and is using it with Passing Strike to attack Frost Gunner (40 m away).


At 20 m he is hit by one of Frost Gunners minions using a held action (Ice Floor Ray: Telekinesis - weapon element - Trip)  and is knocked prone.  Can he crawl (with all the prone penalties) the rest of the distance and finish his attack?


Example 2 - Wise to the ways of Frost Gunner could he have just crawled (moved while prone) the 50 m and not risk being tripped in the first place (ignoring the laughter of Frost Gunner, his henchmen, and even Sprint-Man's own team-mates)


Thank you

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Per the rules on page 210 of The Ultimate Speedster, adjusted for 6th Edition movement measuring, crawling means moving at no more than 2m per Phase, and the GM has the option to adjust this upward for characters who move faster than human normal. In this case, a character with Running 60m moves 5 times as fast as a normal human with Running 12m, so his crawling speed would be (2m x 5 =) 10m per Phase. So no, he can’t just crawl for 50m, not unless he wants to spend five Full Moves doing so. ;)


Your first question raises some broader issues, though, so I want to rephrase it to make things more clear:


Q:  Suppose that a character is moving. Before he finishes his move he gets hit with an attack, and suffers Knockdown or Knockback, but isn’t Stunned or Knocked Out. Can the character finish his movement (and if so, from where) and/or perform other Actions in his Phase?


A:  Unless the GM rules otherwise, a moving character who suffers Knockdown or Knockback stops moving under his own power; he either falls prone where he was hit (KD) or ends up some meters away due to the force of the attack (KB). If his movement was a Full Move, he cannot resume moving and simply loses the rest of that Phase. If his movement was a Half Move, he cannot resume moving using the rest of the meters of movement from that Half Move, but he still retains a Half Phase Action. Using that he could attack, declare another Half Move, or so on.

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