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Barrier Questions

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Hi Steve,


Some questions about barriers. With the movable advantage on a barrier , how far can it move? can that movement be adjusted with advantages? Does a moving barrier collide with objects when not having a  Can a barrier hold up something? ie a car falling off a bridge is put in a movable barrier. What about a static barrier placed to support a collapsing building.





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The following rules apply when moving a Barrier with the Mobile (+¼) Advantage:


1. There are no restrictions on how far a Barrier can move, though of course its velocity is defined by the rules for the Advantage on 6E1 324. However, the rules for maintaining Line Of Sight to a Constant Power apply (even though Barrier is technically an Instant Power):  if the character loses LOS to his moving Barrier, it ceases to function at the end of that Segment. (It doesn’t just stop moving, it vanishes entirely, unless the GM rules otherwise.)


2. Generally speaking characters should not be allowed to apply Advantages or Adders to a Barrier that affect its ability to move. However, the GM may permit this if it seems appropriate (for example, see below regarding the No Turn Mode (+¼) Advantage).


3. The last few words of this question were cut off, so I’m not sure what you were asking. I’m going to attempt to answer what I think you’re asking, but I could be wrong. If I am, please edit your question to include the missing words, and I’ll come back and edit this response.


A moving Barrier may collide with a character or object. Since moving a Barrier already qualifies as an Attack Action (see 6E1 324), this is just part of that “attack.” Calculate the damage as if it were a Move Through, with the Barrier having STR 10; the Barrier takes damage from performing the Move Through, as per the standard rules for that Maneuver.


4. See 6E1 170-71 for rules regarding horizontal Barriers and how much they can hold up. The same basic rules would apply to trying to support any sort of weight or force, regardless of the Barrier’s orientation.


The following issues weren’t directly raised by these questions, but should be addressed:


5.  A moving Barrier has a Turn Mode just like Flight. The GM may permit a character to buy No Turn Mode (+¼) for a Mobile Barrier.


6.  As noted on 6E1 324, typically a Mobile power can move in three dimensions (i.e., it can “fly”). However, unless the GM rules otherwise, a Mobile Barrier can only “fly” if it has the Non-Anchored Adder. Otherwise it’s restricted to moving along the ground (or in whatever two dimensions are defined by its anchor points).


7. A Mobile Barrier can only move when made to do so by the character who created/controls the Barrier. The character cannot “let it go” to keep drifting, uncontrolled, without him taking Attack Actions to keep it moving.


Hopefully that covers everything, but if I missed something, or my answers raise further questions, feel free to post a follow-up. :)

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