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Need help with a super team draft

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So another forum that I am an active member of is doing a Super Hero Team Draft.  Team owners go through a draft process, picking super heroes/villains for their team.  After the teams are finalized then teams will face off in a bracket format, and all the owners will vote on the likely outcome of a battle between team A vs Team X.


Here are the rules:




Teams size has been changed to five-man teams.


I'm looking for help creating a prioritized Draft List of non-God-tier Superman & Hulk clones, so that when my draft rolls around I know who the best undrafted choice will be.  Since, like most things in comics, most of the outcome will be a popularity contest then I want to limit my list to Marvel & DC heroes & villains.  So while a particular Image Comics character might actually be more powerful, he might not be well known enough to carry the vote.


So far all I have is:


Dr. Doom (not a Superman or Hulk clone but he brings a lot of power to the table)



Silver Surfer



Flash Barry Allen (again not a Superman or Hulk clone, but when properly written he wipes the floor with any super team all by himself)

Flash Wally West

Reverse Flash

Red Hulk


Wonder Woman

SHAZAM Captain Marvel

Black Adam

Ultron (although he's kind of a joke, since he's suppose to be unstoppable but he's been defeated SO MANY TIMES)


Super Girl

Power Girl

General Zod

The Abomination


That's 19.  I'd like to swell my list to at least 30.  Better 50.


Sentry would probably be considered God-tier, so he's out.  Same with Molecule Man.

Black Bolt had power, but I don't think he had to durability to stand and fight

Guardian is the Marvel universe Superman clone, but he's written with an huge innate weakness, plus I don't think he's popular enough to will a fan face off.

Unless I totally can't get my list to 30 then I'm passing on guys like Batman and Captain America.  They're popular, but for the raw power I'm looking for they don't measure up.  No, Batman does NOT get Two Weeks Prep Time (tm)

And before anyone can say it, No Squirrel Girl

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From DC, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom and his quantum opposite, Major Force, Mongul, Validus, Big Barda, Lobo, and Orion. There are others, but they're less well-known, such as Solomon Grundy, Mon-El/ Valor, Bizarro, and Orion's brother Kalibak.


From Marvel, I'd include Hyperion (either the good Squadron Supreme version, or the evil Squadron Sinister), and Count Nefaria. Both count as "Superman clones." Wonder Man would fit, too. Hercules could come from either DC or Marvel, but the Marvel one is better known. And I wouldn't underestimate the Vision or Namor. And would you be allowed to draft Hulkbuster Iron Man? Along those lines, does the Destroyer count as "god-tier?"

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Captain Atom would be an excellent addition to this list.  So would Mon-El of the Legion Of Super Heroes.


Iron Man could be strong enough for this company--especially if he's wearing the Hulkbuster armor.  And while James Rhodes' War Machine isn't as strong as the Hulkbuster, it's as strong as basic Iron Man.  Plus they're part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so if popularity is a factor, they would have that in their favor.


Hope that helps.



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If by "Classic" Iron Man you mean Lee and Kirby's version, then I would say any Green Lantern of Earth is more powerful, especially Hal Jordan.  20th century supertechnology pales in comparison to 21st century supertechnology, and especially when compared to alien supertechnology.


Of course there is that whole "Not Vs. Anything Yellow" Complication--and if Iron Man is wearing his all-gold "buckethead" armor, then the GLs might have a problem.  That's when you have to get creative with your power use.


Hope that helps.

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8hmm some more obscure ones

plastic man is seriously potent there was a reason Morrison had him on his JLA run invulnerable immortal density and size control 


A bomb rick Jones with abominations strength and camouflage abilities. 




Mimic from the eXiles series is a pretty flexible choice with the ability to copy up to 5 powers at half power I'm fond of his standard load out most of his appearances, he retains the powers of Wolverine, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast and Northstar . 

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some more obscure ones 

Iron from DCs the metal men


Molly Hayes from runaways 


super soldier the amalgam universe combination of superman and captain america

Or Shulk combination of Solomon grundy and hulk. 


devil dinosaur


captain #### from nextwave


as you have thor why not beta Ray bill or Thunderstrike 


Apollo from the authority is in main DC universe now


marvel boy might work as would miss America hulking and stature from the young avengers. 






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Dazzler has become something of a badass in recent years excellent tenure as part of Excalibur and A force she's also recently acquired the power to not die recovering from even fatal wounds. 


speaking of Excalibur captain Britain might be a good option


shame your not doing indies because Atomic Robo,  Hellboy, steeljack or Samaritan from ASTRO city, or Smax from top ten 

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OK, so here's my current prioritized list.  I'd love for you guys to look it over and see, first, if there are any glaring omitions.  Then if anyone is grossly out of place.  Remember, the idea is that each team of five will fight in a sort of "Royal Rumble," just a straight up fight with each hero/villain in their "standard" version and load out.  As understood by CASUAL fans. 


Here goes:


001.    Dr. Doom 
002.    Superman
003.    Hulk
004.    Silver Surfer
005.    Doomsday
006.    Juggernaught
007.    Flash Barry Allen 
008.    Flash Wally West
009.    Reverse Flash
010.    Red Hulk 
011.    Thor
012.    Beta Ray Bill
013.    Wonder Woman
014.    Magneto
015.    Batman
016.    SHAZAM Captain Marvel
017.    Black Adam
018.    Doc Samson
019.    Green Lantern Hal Jordan
020.    Sinestro
021.    Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
022.    Green Lantern Jon Stewart
023.    Green Lantern Guy Gardner
024.    Star Saphire
025.    Mon El
026.    Bizarro Superman
027.    Green Lantern Kilowag
028.    Captain Atom
029.    Major Force
030.    Lobo 
031.    Ultron 
032.    Doctor Strange
033.    Doctor Fate
034.    She-Hulk
035.    Power Girl
036.    Super Girl
037.    The Martian Manhunter
038.    Wolverine
039.    Jean Grey
040    Emma Frost
041.    Cyborg
042.    Mister Miracle
043.    General Zod
044.    The Abomination
045.    Big Barda
046.    Mongul
047.    Validus 
048.    Orion
049.    Hercules
050.    Iron Man
051.    War Machine
052.    Namor
053.    Human Torch
054.    Black Bolt
055.    Syndrome
056.    The Vision
057.    The Thing
058.    Spawn
059.    Venom
060    Carnage
061.    Green Goblin
062.    Colossus
063.    Professor X
064.    Groot
065.    Titanium Man
067.    Spiderman Peter Parker
068.    Captain America
069.    Deadpool
070.    Deathstroke
071    Wonder Man
072.    Hellboy
073.    Loki
074.    Mr. Incredable
075.    Solomon Grundy
076.    Iceman
077.    Frozone
078.    Captain Cold
079.    Mr. Freeze
080.    Killer Frost
081.    Starfire
082.    Raven
083.    The Punisher
084.    Green Goblin
085.    Hobgoblin
086.    Deadshot
087.    Zantana
088.    Scarlet Witch
089.    Electra
090.    Taskmaster
091.    Red Tornado
092.    Crimsion Dynamo
093.    Spiderman Miles Morales
094.    Spiderman Ben Reilly
095.    Cable
096.    Sabertooth
097.    Nightwing
098.    Hawkeye
099.    Green Arrow
100.    Blue Beatle
101.    Booster Gold
102.    Hank Pym
103.    The Wasp
104.    Black Bat Casandra Cain
105.    Batgirl Barbera Gordon
106.    Black Widow
107.    Spider Gwen
108.    Banshee
109.    Black Canary
110.    Rocket Racoon
111.    Daredevil
112.    Red Robin Tim Drake
113.    Red Hood Jason Todd
114.    Robin Damian Wayne
115.    Artemis
116.    US Agent
117.    Cyclops
118.    Nightcrawler
119.    Beast Boy
120.    The Huntress
121.    Batwoman
122.    The Comedian
123.    Night Owl
124.    Rorschach
125.    Silk Spector
126.    The Atom
127.    Harley Quinn
128.    Kitty Pryde
129.    Jubilee
130.    Dazzler
131.    Spoiler
132.    Robin Carrie Kelley

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Squirrel Girl. She has literally beaten most of the Marvel characters on that list. Even aside from that being a bit of a running gag, she has strength and agility at Spiderman's level or better, claws that can cut through almost indestructible glass and the whole squirrel army thing. Even outside her own book or parody titles, she's beaten Wolverine in a straight fight.


Invisible Woman. She's been a powerhouse since the early 80's, even before she updated her name.


Mister Fantastic. Not just a brain; may not be top tier power wise, but is literally more flexible than most.


Mary Marvel.


Captain Marvel Jr.




Judge Dredd.


Johnny Alpha (Strontium Dog)

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