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The Iron Still


The bar is a working man's bar.  While it serves food, it is not noted for the food it sells which mostly consists of burgers, hot dogs, and other fast food.  The beer selection is average at best with one notable exception.  The owner bottles Iron Beer have created the Hammer and Anvil beer with an ABV of 60%.  This beer is one of the currently strongest beer in the United States, and the folks at Iron Still state it should be "drunk like a fine whiskey."   Despite having a high alcohol content, this beer has a lot of complexity that other ales and brews do not have. Experts note you can pick up a nice amount of malts, sweet flavors, and subtle aromas that would typically get drowned out by such a high alcohol content. 


The majority of the customers buy the standard bottled/tap beer unless there is something to celebrate and then they pitch out for a bottle or two of the Hammer and Anvil.  At a cost of one bottle equal to three cases of Budweiser, it is something special.

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