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Heroic Level Combat Vet

RDU Neil

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Can anyone point me to a write-up/character sheet for a combat vet, ex-military, private security, trained PMC type of character?


I'm just looking for alternative takes on the kind of stats and skill sets one might expect to see... of if there is a certain 6th Ed Hero product that has those write-ups in it?



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Oh... I'd already found John Wick... thank you! While over-powered (as any lone action star carrying an entire movie often is) for PCs, I tweaked this build just a little and kept it as what the "best-of the best-of the best" would possibly look like in my Secret Worlds campaign. (note: I finally saw JW2, and while an abysmal action movie, it was a stunning art film from a cinematography and choreography, POV. If the next movie follows this trajectory, JW3 might lack not just a plot and substance, but even dialogue and character... the whole thing becoming a 2 hour, kaleidoscopic dance routine with guns.)


And thank you, IndianaJoe... I did find those 5th Edition skill lists for special forces, etc. It was a good start, but I guess I'll have to build my own. I always liked the old books, that had things like full write-ups for "low level ninja, medium level ninja, god-like ninja" as reference. I'd really hoped to find something like that... "realistic SAS vet, cinematic SAS vet, super-heroic SAS vet" or whatever.

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On ‎1‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 4:57 PM, Manic Typist said:

Wait, are you running Secret Worlds again????


I still remember reading great session narratives back when I was in high school. Something about a sword fight with an ancient Greek warrior on a ship docked at Shanghai...

I am indeed. Over the past few months, got a couple of the originals back, and recently added a new, old friend.  Ran six episodes (games sessions) of Book Five, set in 2008 (original game was 2004/2005) and retired that swordsman. Just ran Episode 2 of Book 6 last night, now in 2017, set in the middle of Trump, Brexit and the Catalonian independence movement.


High school?  Jeeze... I'm an old, old man.


Impressed you remembered... as I'm back to writing those SW shorts again, though sporadically... don't have the energy and time to be as complete as I would like.

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