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Possible to host ActivePoint and/or Damage Class maximums in Hero Designer?


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I have the most recent HD, which since I have implemented a SAN statistic and other successful elements.


One thing I was wondering, is there a way to put an overall ActivePoint and/or Damage Class cap for warning purposes, so that when a player takes and uses a maximum AP value for an attack, then tries to add in a STR and/or DC bonus to go WAY beyond what the game caps are, I can load their character in my HD and point out they are above said cap in the game.


I know HD is meant to be flexible, based on the GM's permissions, but at times, players may take advantage of this and it is difficult to argue it with them, unless there is a clear notification to them.

Is there a way via a combination of rules and/or templates via the macros to achieve this, or would we need to access the API to do such?




Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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If you're looking for total max combinations (e.g. adding character's base STR to an HKA and then taking into account STR bonuses from Density Increase and Growth), then no...as the example I gave indicates, that's simply not feasible in any fashion that wouldn't cause VASTLY more problems than it "fixed".  The GM plays a role in character creation -- if your players don't want to listen to restrictions or concerns that the GM has, then you may want to find other players.

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