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Combat Luck - Impenetrable by default ... or not?

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As context for discussion:

  • Per 5er p87, Combat Luck was constructed as a Hardened power in the 5er ruleset.
  • Per 5er p115, the definition of a Hardened power indicated it counteracted "the Power Advantages Armor Piercing, Penetrating, and Indirect" in the 5er ruleset.
  • i.e. For 6 CP per level of Combat Luck -- someone received 3 rPD and 3rED that counteracted Armor Piercing, Penetrating, Indirect (while being Luck-Based and Non-Persistent) ... in the 5er ruleset.


Fast-forward to 6e, please.


As further context for discussion:

  • 6e1 p21, Section 13. Changed Advantages  lists Hardened as a changed Advantage.
  • 6e1 p21, Section 14. New Advantages lists Impenetrable as a new Advantage.
  • Per 6e1 p147, the definition of Hardened is updated to state that an "attack with Armor Piercing applies normally against a Hardened defense; the usual 'halving' effect is ignored." (i.e. Hardened effectively counteracts only  Armor Piercing in 6e)
  • Per 6e1 p110, Combat Luck remains Hardened, Luck-Based, and Non-Persistent ... and retains its 5er point cost ... but now does less than it did in 5er since it no longer counteracts Penetrating as it previously did
  • 6e1 p20, Section 8. Perks And Talent Changes does NOT list Combat Luck as a Talent that was impacted/changed


From what I can see, we appear to have one of two situations:

  1. EITHER: Combat Luck was supposed to have retained its ability to counteract Penetrating ... and someone failed to update Combat Luck description on 6e1 p110 such that the new Impenetrable Advantage was part of the Talent
  2. OR:  Combat Luck was intentionally nerfed ... and someone failed to add Combat Luck to the 6e1 p20, Section 8. Perks And Talent Changes list


Which of the above scenarios is correct?  If neither, then please advise ... since we seem to have a Talent that has changed in functionality between 5er and 6e ... despite not being listed among the Talents as having been changed/impacted.


- Surreal


P.S. As an opinion, if the nerf to Combat Luck was intentional, then drawing attention to the change to the Hardened Advantage on 6e1 p147 was probably not enough to cause people to immediately think about the impact to Combat Luck.  I state this specifically because the homework I did on this topic came up as a direct result of someone's insistence that Combat Luck had not changed between 5er and 6e ... and it took the above volume of citations to prove otherwise.  (i.e. If the nerf was intentional, then an update to the 6e1 p20, Section 8. Perks And Talent Changes list was probably in order ... and if not ... then an update to the Talent was probably in order.  Either way -- we appear to have a bit of a problem to resolve.)


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First off, thanks for explaining your question in such detail. That's a big help. :hex:


6E1 447 shows how each of the Talents was built. As you can see from its build there, it has both the Hardened and Impenetrable Advantages. So it retains all the functionality it had in the 5th Edition rules in the 6th Edition rules. I simply forgot to mention Impenetrable on 6E1 110, but I will now include that in the errata.

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