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Tips for conversion from Mutants and Masterminds to Hero

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I hope to convert some of the characters from the Acts of Villainy M and M supplements to Hero and I was hoping for some tips and hints on creating the character sheets. I think I had a thread on the subject before but I can't seem to find it 

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I am the person that link is referring to, so here are some of what I found useful.


Str  Each point is 5 str in Hero   So 5 str is 25 in hero.


Dex  Look at dex, agil and fight and average them out, then look at parry dodge and att.  Usually they will come out at Hero normal, but be careful because M&M is like Hero 6th in that Offence and Defense are divorced from the base stats.  So basically eyeball.  A good rule of thumb is if Att, Parry and Dodge are about 7-8, then make that the OCV/DCV and make the dex accordingly.


Con Same as Str but at a 1:10 ratio.


Body, eyeball.


Int, Ego Pre Com map like Str at a 1:5 ratio


Advantages and Powers.   GO HERE:



Most of the powers are easy to figure out and most map to a 1:5 ratio like Str.


So 10 Dam, Range is a 10d6 EB

5 Dam, Str based is a 5d6 HTH attack

Afflictions are either flashes, entagles or mental attacks.


Defences are Toughness times two to PD and ED

so 13 toughness becomes 26 PD 26 ED


M&M does not differentate between regular and Killing, so be careful you don't make some too lethal if you make their attack killing.  For that reason base PD and ED at 8 and resistant.


Movement again eyeball, but generally if they are REALLY FAST, give them a lot of NCM


Advantages mostly become talent or you can ignore them as they influence the action economy.  Three big ones are Ritualist, Arcanist and Gadgeteer.  I'd make them all 40 pt VPP with a lot of disads like RSR and can only change between adventures.


Skills again map to Hero, just look at the document to figure which skill goes where.   If in doubt, make it a KS.

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