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Nighthawk for 6th edition?

Boll Weevil

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Hi, Heroes. I was reading through Champions Universe 6th Edition and was surprised to see Nighthawk was no longer around. I know, as of CU:NOTW, that he had left to form Project Mongoose. I thought that was a good fit for him. Does a 6th ed version of him exist? I suppose I could make him from scratch but I though I'd check here first. Has anyone written him up in 6th ed? I still use the CU in my games and I think he would make a right fine Contact for my PC's. 

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6ed of Nighthawk exists, but it is unknown if he is still doing 'Project Mongoose', or rejoined The Champions as a substitute member. He never gotten an official 6ed write-up or update when they stopped doing official updates.


My take: after the mayhem of Project Mongoose fell apart,  Nighthawk came crawling back to the Champions, bringing Duke Steel with him (man, I still want to call him Duke Red for some reason). Defender accepted both of them as substitute members.

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