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Possible to modify .hcr to include and use additional stats?

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I just purchased Hero Combat Manager, and it looks very comprehensive and very powerful.


That said, I was wondering if there is a way to add two new stats - Sanity(SAN) and Sanity Defense(SD).

These are new elements, which SAN is like Mental Body and of course, SD is the natural defense for it.  It is for shock, horror, etc., which is part of the Campaign I am running.


I noted the Hero Combat Record, much like the Hero Designer rules and templates are XML form and could be modified--of course, another file copy of the original.

I've read on the site for this and also in the forums, but can't find anything of significance on this.

The only reference I see is off of the original Hero Combat Manager page, which mentions this:

* Other Damage Effects – Hero Combat Manager does not implement any of the Other Damage Effects rules.  The GM can use the GM Adjust button to simulate the “STUNNED – DEAD” and “ONE-HIT WONDERS” *


The link is from here:



However, it only appears to be an override to adjust current stats/values, so this is not it.


Best regards...


Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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