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Power that extracts the skills/abilities from reading objects

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I have a player that has a very neat character concept, where they have the ability to "read"--I'm assuming Clairsentience here--an object or part of a person(bones/hair/etc.), that belonged to someone and they can temporarily have a set of skills/talents/powers that the individual possessed.


These objects would be from historical--non-living--individuals, and of course, using AP caps that would allow a key ability of that former persona to be accessible by the player.


An example:

The player finds the sword guard of the famous Miyamoto Musashi, does a read, and for a period of time--whether a charge or by END--has his sword fighting skills, including the weapon familiarity, just as the original Miyamoto Musashi had:  CSLs, deadly blows, two sword fighting, etc.


Now, how to accurately build this.  I was going to allow a VPP for just this purpose, whereas one ability would be the necessary "read" via clairsentience of said object, then another one that allows the set of the skills/talents/powers that the player can emulate.

Any ideas of how to do so?

Would the clairsentience have to have sight and/or hearing, or would Mental play into this?  (Keep in mind this is not to "see" or "hear" events of the person, but to "read" their abilities to use.

I know I would put the VPPs that the condition, of course, to emulate read skills only, as an example.

Thanks in advance...


Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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In my opinion characters like this are best represented by a VPP - Multiform Only with some sort of time limit.


They also have great potential to slow the game down dramatically or obsolete team specialists - it  depends on if they get to keep the sword after they find it and thus can multiform into the master swordsman at will or whether each 'read' is meant to be a dramatic and fairly unique thing (grab the sword while defending the museum, beat all the bad guys, give the sword back to the caretakers vs 'This might come in handy later)


The GM should be doing most of the work for this power and have multiforms ready to VPP into so the player doesn't need to either be told ahead to design a form to use in the session or try and build a whole new character in the midst of one just because he disarmed the bad guy and grabbed his Magic Sword. 


That's a lot of trust between player and GM - but it's trust that could be rewarded by saving points by making the VPP not only multiform only with some sort of timed limit but also applying the full No Conscious Control (-2) so the GM decides entirely when an object is 'readable' and what happens when it is.


Complicated but rewarding (but complicated).

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Thanks for the idea on the Multiform...yes, obvious and wasn't sure how to originally represent it.

Now, my bigger question is the ability to "read" an object to extract the energies of the former owner to build the multiform from...how would I build that properly...or do I make it a condition of the multiform?

As indicated, I would think Clairsentience to use to "read" an object, but unsure if there was a more effective way to represent that piece.



Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"

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Clairsentience for object reading is established in the book but you have to ask yourself what the point behind the reading is?


If it's to get information about a situation that otherwise couldn't be gained *as well as* power the multiforms then it's Clairsentience.  Could they read a carpet to find out the time of death of someone who was found dead on it vs touch the carpet and gain the knowledge needed to operate an industrial carpet loom?


If it's just to use the multiform I'd probably go with it's just a Limited or Conditional power "Must have appropriate object" on the pool or power.  It could be  disposable focus as well but focus implies something that sticks around or that can be acquired with various difficulties - I like conditionals better for temporary effects.







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