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Proper use of Linked

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I have a player who's character is using Linked for multiple powers to his high boosted recovery, which is his Greater power, and this greater power is dependent on Solar Radiation.


Reading the rulebook, all of the powers the player has linked are all under the Boosted Recovery's AP,  and appear to be w/in the description of rules in this case.


Now, here is where I have a questions, from reading the rules.


From 6E1-383


A character can only use a power with this

Limitation with another power. If he isn’t using
the other power (the “greater power”), he can’t use
the power with the Linked Limitation (the “lesser
power”) either.
Linked only affects the lesser power. A character
can use the greater power without using the
lesser power if he wants; Linked doesn’t restrict
the greater power in any way. However, he can
only use the lesser power when he uses the greater


Now, his Boosted Rec is marked as an Inherent Power for his power list...I can't remember if this was not necessary, but that is the first element.  The second is that he marked it as "Always On", which means it is in constant use. Meaning to me, he is not violating the rulebook as LInked says you cannot use a lesser power, unless you have the greater power being used...it appears the greater power is ALWAYS being used and is inherent to his character.


So, for this piece, just asking if this is the correct logic.

Now, for the second portion on this.  We discussed that as he is using Solar radiation, he tried to snake out by saying if he wore more clothing it reduces his powers by 1/3 or up to 1/2 less.
I'm saying Poppycock to this and dictating a valid reason is as we discussed as per my prior strongly worded suggestion as follows:

  • Solar Radiation w/in the Solar System(up to the Oort Cloud), is acceptable for 100% boosted recovery.
  • In Open space w/ starlight, I indicated, we should reduce it to 1/2--yes, being somewhat a giving GM
  • Last, being  even more "giving", I indicated if he is in a dark place and/or w/o any starlight even, but if there are ambient heat and/or IR sources--such as warm bodies, a heater of some sort, or even a mosly shielded reactor--I would even allow it to work at 1/4 power.


What I didn't tell him is that if he is in a total non-solar area--like a plane of existence that doesn't have light as a conventional means or if he is near a black hole, that he loses this boost.

Now, assume we agree on this--yes, I know you will say I am too giving, but just go with me on this--if through the Limited Power conditions are ever met, with reducing his Boosted REC, does it also have the same effect on the lesser powers, or are they not affected?


The only reason why I am asking is that it doesn't say reducing the abilities of the lesser powers scaling with the greater power the same..no additional options have been chosen outside of baseline Linked that dictate the lesser can only be used if the greater power is at full use, as well as other options, but these are not chosen on his sheet.


So, how to approach this?  (Does it scale or not?)


To me, if the power is limited to not working due to conditions, he still has the power, whether full power or not, that is always on.

Any details on this greatly appreciated...

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First, it’s not legal for a character to apply the Always On Limitation to a Characteristic, absent specific circumstances where the GM approves it. A character’s Characteristics are essentially always available to him, given the way they work in the game, and they don’t get a Limitation for this. For Always On to apply, being unable to turn off the power has to hinder or restrict the character in some way. Unless that’s the case — and I can’t see how it does in this case (though of course you may not have needed to supply every detail about that power). Since you’re the GM, it’s up to you to decide if the Limitation is valid.


Second, I don't necessarily think you're too giving. It sounds to me like you've given this some serious thought and made what you think is the best decision to ensure game balance while allowing the player to have fun with his character's concept.


Third, since the Greater Power in a Linked can function on its own, it doesn't matter if the Lesser Power is reduced in strength (for whatever reason). The proportionality rules for Linked (see 6E1 385) don't apply because they only govern what happens when the Greater Power is used at less than full strength. So even if circumstances reduce a Lesser Power (in this case due to the Limitation regarding solar radiation), the Greater Power can still function at full strength.


I think that addresses all the issues you raise, but if I missed something, please post another question or PM me. ;)


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