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11 minutes ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

It's the difference between a teenage fantasy and an awful reality. Did Sting know someone who experienced that? Did he experience it himself? (He was a schoolteacher before his music career took off, after all.)



Before joining The Police, Sting had previously worked as an English teacher. Sting said of the song in 1981:

I wanted to write a song about sexuality in the classroom. I'd done teaching practice at secondary schools and been through the business of having 15-year-old girls fancying me – and me really fancying them! How I kept my hands off them I don't know... Then there was my love for Lolita which I think is a brilliant novel. But I was looking for the key for eighteen months and suddenly there it was. That opened the gates and out it came: the teacher, the open page, the virgin, the rape in the car, getting the sack, Nabokov, all that.[4]

— Sting, L'Historia Bandido, 1981


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On 4/15/2019 at 1:14 PM, Old Man said:

AIUI "Every Breath You Take" was intended by Sting to be about a stalker, and he was mortified when people interpreted it as romantic.

Don't some people still insist on playing it at wedding receptions? That shows a distinct lack of clue.


I'm trying to think if there is anything that dark in his extensive solo catalog. Perhaps "Mad about You" might qualify. So would "I Burn For You", from the soundtrack to Brimstone and Treacle in which he starred.


And don't forget he ended up giving up acting after a disastrous Broadway run in The Threepenny Opera playing the thoroughly loathsome Macheath.

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