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Traveller HERO Sourcebook PDF

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It's difficult to say which specific Traveller HERO book this PDF in the store contains especially since the description doesn't list the total page count. If the total page count was listed then it would be easy to know which book or books this is. I have the CDROM for Traveller HERO and can tell you that the 5 books for Traveller Hero have the following total page counts:


Book 1: 163 pages

Book 2: 159 pages

Book 3: 12 pages

Book 4: 22 pages

Book 5: 11 pages


The PDF for Book 3: Starship Construction in Charted Space states that it is an "Unofficial Guide" along the top page border. The first 4 books taken together would be the first three volumes of the little black books from the Traveller boxed set. Book 5 would be a short psionics supplement that adapts HERO System psionics to the Traveller HERO universe.


Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have other questions about the contents of the Traveller HERO CDROM.

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