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Normal Sight - How is it constructed?

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Per 6e1 p209:

"The Sight Sense Group provides the following Sense Modifiers: Discriminatory, Range, Sense, Targeting. The Discriminatory effect provided by the Sight Group is not the full Discriminatory obtained by buying that Sense Modifier, but rather an effect of somewhat cruder degree. For example, a character can tell two people apart based on their visual appearance, but cannot always determine a person’s ethnicity or religion through Sight."


Also per 6e1 p209:

"THE COST OF STANDARD SENSES ... Normal Sight: 35 points"


My question:

What is the precise breakdown (including the verbiage for the Detect, if that's what was used) of the 35 points comprising Normal Sight?


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I didn't build them using Detect. If memory serves, I determined those costs by calculating what the absence of each one would be worth as a Physical Complication. Then, once I had the costs and listed them, characters could just sell back the Senses (as discussed on 6E1 209) rather than take a Physical Complication, if they wanted to lack one.

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