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Moderator Note to folks: Regarding the F word overuse

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Folks, you're responsible for what you post. If you put an image of said word, or a link to an image that opens up in post, then surely you realize it is the same thing as writing the word. In fact, it has been remarked on in this very thread that that sort of thing has been dealt with before.


I come back after a hell week of frustration and stress, and discover that's exactly what someone did. To say I was vexed is putting it mildly. 


Someone has received a warning...and not from me. I deferred to another on that.


If this happens from folks who I know should know better again, I'll skip straight to infractions.

I'm tired of begging.

I'm tired of pleading.

I'm actually, at this point, tired of being nice about it.


90% of you roll with it even if you think it's silly, or whatever. To those, I say thank you. 

To the 10% of you that can't or won't follow it?  And KEEP not following it?

Here's a lot of rope.

You will I'm sure hang yourselves onto the moderated list.

And then dangle right over the gallows of a banning.


I'm not going to ask "are we clear" or "Do you understand" because if you don't by now, you never will. 


Kid gloves are off.

Thread is locked.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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