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Current project - die roller: Request features?

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We're making a cross platform die roller for hero. We've got some basic ideas, but we want to hear from you guys.


So... what features would you like to see in a Hero Dice roller?

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Just brainstorming ...


beyond the damage types and 3d6 rolls for hero system

  • alignment of dice for explosion calculations
  • average rolled on d6s.  Both in a single roll and over a period.  Its not really all that useful from a combat/gaming perspective.  I just note a lot of people (me included) like to see the stats.
  • actual physically seeing the dice roll.  Its strange, but just getting numbers is not as much fun as actually seeing the dice roll when you roll them.  (but not a looping gif, because those get annoying; also a max. roll time for the dice of 1-2 sec)
  • a simple combat helper for rolling to hit.  Something like enter your OCV and get what DCV you hit.
  • a switch to add in calculations for knockback
  • quick roll tabs - basically quickly roll set numbers of dice of damage
  • messaging dice rolls (send to one or several people - assuming cross platform meaning mobile too)
  • fixed dice rolls (prevent changes to rolls from changing once rolled)
  • re-rolled dice rolls (allow someone to re-roll dice due to luck, GM pity, etc.  Maybe allow this on any roll but mark the die with the number of times the die has been rolled)
  • probably not real easy or possibly not doable but import of a HD character file to calculate basic rolls, make an automated roll page, etc.
  • classic HERO dice skins in blue/yellow, black/green.  Maybe dice skins in general.
  • Sound effects - not just the sound of rolling dice which would be cool, when rolling up or down on 3d6 or damage (a "Booyahhh!" for a good roll(3), a "WahWah!" for a bad roll(18)).
  • Animations in a similar vein to the Booyah/WahWah sound effect.  Maybe fireworks for a good roll, or a rock dropped on the dice for a bad roll.

If you plan on selling the app, I would guess the dice skins, sound effects, and animations would be for purchase above and beyond the based app.


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That is some good stuff... It's me and one other person. I'm in college (working on the graphical design elements), he's a programmer doing this in his spare time... Some stuff on the list is doable with out time allotment... some of it is not... animations, probably not gonna happen. 

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